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We’ve all seen ads pop up in our Facebook news feed or been tempted to click on side banner articles claiming that “Caitlyn Jennar wants to be a man again” or “This skin cream is flying off the shelves at Sephora.” Native ads such as these are increasing click thru rates and monopolizing on news articles and topics that engage site visitors. So how does a savvy business owner monopolize and increase their traffic with native ads? is the solution to this innovative advertising strategy.

The beauty of native ads is that they promote your business in a completely natural and organic medium – news articles through popular email newsletter subscriptions. After hitting the subscribe button to a variety of popular email newsletters such as Reader’s Digest, 1776 Coalition, Kiplinger Report, 24-7 Sports, Merriam Webster Brittanica, Jewish World Review, iAge, Townhall Daily, Patch, etc., the site visitor receives updates periodically. Within those email newsletters there are a variety of news articles pertaining to the topic of the site. There are also native ads within each of these email newsletters. While there is a still a small disclaimer describing that the native ad is indeed an advertisement, it also allows the business owner to write an article pertaining to that newsletter and purchase placement. There are about three placements throughout each newsletter in a variety of positions. The design of your promotion — and more importantly, where it appears in the email newsletter — has a huge impact on how many new customers a business can land.

What is more beneficial about the email newsletters is that they possess the ability to target by a specific location. For instance, if you are the business owner of a law firm in Westminster, Colo. and would like to target site visitors for a popular newsletter you have the ability to narrow down the newsletter traffic by your specific location. Therefore, you, as the business owner, possess the ability to acquire a variety of customers in a specific location using the simple real-time bidding interface to frequent your business.

Also, the Redirect native ads create the notion that your business is the thought leader in their industry. By writing articles that the site visitor wants to read, but also pertain to your business, you’ll establish your brand and build up a reputation as a knowledgeable business.

Then, there is the added benefit of driving more traffic to your website to build up your ranking within the search engines. By writing articles perceived as native ads, you’ll also be creating new content that pings the search engines every day, which is the best way to gain traction for your website’s keywords.

While this all sounds great, you have to wonder if it really does work in a tech-based society that is programmed to ignore banner ads. CEO Scott Richter, who is also a bar/club owner, has seen the results before his very eyes. “Everyone is after content these days so creating an ad within content, then monopolizing on newsletter subscriptions that people already look at every day has been game changing. We’ve been able to target niche communities and help local businesses find a new audience they never thought existed. I know personally how difficult it can be to find customers for a business owner and wanted to help create a solution for a never-ending problem.”

With it’s simple to use interface, and real-time bidding structure, the native ads are an emerging technology that all business owners will need to try out. With a much smaller price point than traditional marketing strategies, your conversion rate will increase and your business will flourish.

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