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The Mail Online- Daily News, Affiliate Marketing News, Advice and Tutorials

Are you looking to get into affiliate marketing? Are you a seasoned super affiliate? No matter what your experience, it’s always important to stay up to date on trending practices in the online marketing industry. Today, we’re taking a look at the five most popular affiliate marketing practices, tools, and implementations to help you craft a successful affiliate campaign and get on the path towards reaching your business objectives.

Using Product Review Sites

Most companies tend to use product review sites for affiliate marketing because they provide in-depth details on the products they’re selling. These sites market other company’s products by providing details about them, along with a link to buy the product. The affiliate/review site earns a commission when customers visit the product purchasing link and makes a purchase. Often times the affiliate marketers/product review sites over exaggerate the qualities and benefits of the products that they’re promoting which can cause a reduction traffic in the future.

Using Ad Posting Sites

There are websites that post other’s ads as banners or popups on their own websites. These websites also work as affiliate marketers and post affiliate links as banner ads. This is very effective affiliate marketing implementation that actually advertises the product and brand and ultimately increases the customers.

Using LinkShare

Linkshare is one of the largest affiliate marketing networks and has millions of affiliate partnerships and programs. It offers thousands of programs to choose from. The companies can either choose a few external services while managing the program themselves, or they can choose the entire program to be managed externally by affiliate. Linkshare also pays very good commission to the affiliates.

Product Feed Methodology

Some sites do affiliate marketing by aggregating price, information and other details of many similar type products. These sites first present price and specs of collection of similar type of products on their font page with a link to purchase the product. The customers/shoppers who finally make the purchase increase the earning of the affiliate. Some of these affiliates are, 

Social Media Sites

Nowadays, the most popular affiliate marketing implementation is seen on social media sites. This includes making a page that constantly posts about a product with a link to purchase, making individuals to post about the product on different groups and pages and on posts, making individuals to market the product through their cover and profile picture. This tactic effectively increases the potential customers and sales and also benefits the social media account/page holder.

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