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Content curation is a very popular content marketing strategy in which content is gathered from different sites, analysed, mashed up, and then presented in a fresh, new form on a specific topic. Many successful companies utilize content curation as a means of attracting online viewers without having to dedicate too much time or to many resources to the creation of original content.

Content curators use various strategies for doing their job, but these are the three best practices:

Adding Creativity

One essential feature of content curation is adding creativity to an existing piece, because without any sort of added value, old content can’t be refreshed, renewed, or repurposed in an interesting way. Content curators try to find, organize, enhance, and improve existing content and alter it in a way that totally revamps the original piece to serve a new purpose. A good content curator will also add a touch of their own unique style of writing in the content, making it distinct from the previous piece.

Posts Articles Regularly

Another important role of content curators is posting informative and interesting articles periodically. It’s vital for a site to publish new content at least once a week. This will help in engage visitors, increase regular followers, and attract new audiences. A smart way to get regular visitors is to post content on a scheduled day of the week. Establishing a publishing schedule will help your audience know when to expect new content from you, and when to come back to your site. Acquiring a following is really important because your audience often recommends and shares the work of their favorite brands with their friends. Fans are a great way to get free publicity and promotion so try to post regularly.

Find Alluring and Relevant Content

A content curator always try to find content that will attract a large number of viewers For example, a content curator of a branded shampoo will follow the brand ambassador of the company and post stuff about him like he uses this brand himself, he talks about the magic of that product, he attended launching party of company’s new brand, etc. Your audience will always be interested in stories about your brand, and these types of personal anecdotes are a pleasant way to reach their hearts.

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Shafiq Siddiqui

Inbound Marketer / Content & Digital Strategist, Blogger @ExpressTribune, LinkedIn Author

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