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LinkedIn is a great platform for finding jobs, employees, and clients, but it also has many hidden features that many people are not aware of; one of them being a “LION” (LinkedIn Open Networker).

Being a LION allows you to accept every invitation you receive and increase your number of connections. It also helps you connect with other professionals that are related to your field. When becoming a LION, you allow others to send you invitations and assure them that you will not click on “I don’t know” or “spam” button, which can harm the inviter.

If becoming a LinkedIn LION is something that appeals to you, here are five steps to help you achieve that status:

Join LinkedIn Open Operator Groups

You need to join some open operator groups in order to show that you are a LION. It will also help you make new connections as various members in those groups would also like to add you because they’re also open operators that are in need of connections.

Some common open operator groups that you can join are:


Add The Word “LION” In Your Headline

It’s very important that people find out immediately that you are a LION when they visit your profile. It will encourage them to invite you and get connected with you. So, add the word LION in your headline, your summary, or with your name so that people will know that they can connect with you. For example, you can write your name as “Sara Jackson (LION).”

Avail LinkedIn Open Operator Directory

There are some open operator directories available for you to make new connections. The most popular of them are InvitesWelcome and TopLinked. These allow you to download directories and reach thousands of people who would like to add you, in just a few minutes. You can also include your name in these directories to tell people that you are a LION and ready to connect with them anytime.

Message Group Members

After joining various open operator groups, you can inspire people to add you by messaging them your promotions and relevant stuff. You can tell them about your business and the benefits that they can get by joining you. All of these efforts can help increase your chances of getting add requests from the people you messaged.

Post Content In Open Operator Groups

To increase your visibility, you can post different content periodically in open operator groups that you joined. As LinkedIn allows you to send only 3,000 add requests, this strategy will help you in getting add requests from interested members easily.

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