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Facebook is used by millions of companies worldwide to help promote their products and services and connect with their customers. You can find an official page for almost every internationally renowned brand on the site, and it’s all due to the huge amounts of traffic that comes from all over the world.

However, despite the remarkable amount of traffic and features, some companies aren’t able to use Facebook as a viable marketing tool. This may be because their strategies don’t work well on Facebook, but that’s what we’re here to help with. If your strategy isn’t producing the results you’re after, try these four steps to help boost the results from your Facebook fan page.

Share Your Page On Other Pages

If you want to increase your fan base quickly then you need to attract new audiences by increasing your visibility. For that, you can share your page on other relevant pages or you can simply work with some page owners to share their page if they share your page. It will expose you to new audiences and increase your number of page likes rapidly.

Encourage Your Audience to Like or Comment

Facebook pages are public pages. If anyone “likes” or comments on these pages, everyone in their network will be able to see that activity, and for people who find that page interesting, there are higher chances that they will like it. So, encourage your current audience to like and/or comment on your posts whenever you share new pieces of content.

Reply Your Audience

Everyone appreciates getting a positive response. You can keep your audience engaged easily by replying to their comments and answering their questions. It will encourage them to comment freely and more often. It will also increase their trust in your company and encourage them to become long-term, loyal customers. Furthermore, user comments will also help increase timeline visibility and indirectly promote your page within their newsfeed.

Offer Prizes to Increase Fans

You can easily increase your Facebook fan page numbers by simply creating quizzes, games, or apps related to your brand and asking your audience to try them to win exciting prizes. You can also create a page that asks them to follow some simple steps in order to enter the lucky draw. These steps should include “Liking” your page, inviting at least 50 friends to “like” your page, and sharing your page on their timeline. This method will not only increase your audience but also promote you greatly as more and more will come to know about your brand.

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