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Many people seemed worried about the number of followers on their Twitter account and they often ask themselves this question: “how can we increase our Twitter followers?”

Well the answer to this question is not as complicated as you may think, you just need to follow these simple steps and watch your Twitter followers grow by leaps and bounds.

Embellish Your Profile

It’s a common saying that your first impression is your last impression, and this holds true with Twitter. You need to take your profile when you’re building it. Your profile picture should be elegant or interesting and should contain your brand name or brand logo so that your audience can identify you easily. Your profile picture should not contain any unprofessional or vulgar images or words as people may think it’s spam and not an official account and will not follow you. Work hard to create an impressive bio as most people will read your bio before deciding to follow you on Twitter.

Tweet Frequently

People like to follow active accounts that post at least once in a day, but at the same time, posting countless, useless tweets can irritate followers and encourage them to stop following your account. It’s better to tweet once or twice per day and keep people engaged with them than overwhelming them with content for the sake of content. Your tweets should be meaningful and relevant to your brand, like detailing features of your new product, asking your audience for their reviews about your brand, etc.

Tweeting at the correct time of the day is also very important. try to tweet in the early evening when more people are active on Twitter, otherwise you will miss exposure of your tweets.

Post Interesting Tweets and Interact with Audience

Many people read your tweets before deciding to follow you which make it essential for you to make your tweets interesting, informative, and entertaining. In short, your tweets should engage your audience in some way. Don’t just stick to the same kind of tweets all of the time either; try to add as much variety and creativity as possible. Post pictures, tweet on particular topics, share quizzes, and interact with your audience by commenting on your posts and answering their questions.

Create Hashtags and Utilize Them

Hashtags are really popular on Twitter. You can create some unique hashtags of your brand and add them in your posts. Hashtags can increase your exposure on Twitter dramatically. Your customers will also use them in their posts which will promote your brand and attract more audience towards your page.

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