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Social media has become a vital and common platform for self branding in the Internet age. With so many users on various social networks, it’s much easier to promote yourself or your brand to a larger audience and grow your business more effectively. Here are some reasons why self branding is an important part of your business and your career.

Personal Branding

Self branding is all about what other people think about you, whether they think of you as intelligent, nice, honest, and hard working, or they think you as weak, a poor worker, or useless. Perfect self branding leads to a positive image whereas a neglected or lack of self branding can have a negative impact on your image and reputation.

Multiple Opportunities

A strong brand not only improves your image amongst your friends or family circle, but it also opens doors for job opportunities. With social media being the place where employers do most of their hiring, a good social profile and self branding can be very helpful. According to statistics, 91% of employers take the help of social media for employees screening. These employers use Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn for screening purposes and reject many candidates that appear non-professional in their normal dealings and communications on social media, or who lied about their qualifications and skills. Employers usually select the candidates with a positive social media presence and professional looks. Thus, a person with a well-executed personal brand gives themselves a better opportunity to be hired by better prospective employers.

Impact On Personal Life

Self branding also encourages you to be yourself. When you start developing your own brand on social media, you stop depending on others and copying them. This way, you start showing your own thinking, personality, and attitude, which ultimately helps you build your confidence.

A good personal brand leaves a positive “mark of remembrance’” in peoples’ minds, and whenever they see or hear about you in the future, they will instantly remember you in a good way.

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Inbound Marketer / Content & Digital Strategist, Blogger @ExpressTribune, LinkedIn Author

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