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Social media has quickly become an everyday part of most people’s lives which makes them an invaluable marketing channel. It’s undeniable that the wide use of social media has a great impact on our daily lifestyles, and here are a few of the most prominent uses of our social media addiction.

Sharing of Personal News

Before social media, people used to share important news about deaths, marriages, illnesses, etc. either through phone calls or by visiting physically. But now with the widespread use of social media, people share and discuss almost anything through their social accounts. This means that for marketers, social media can be used to connect on a more personal level with followers and help you grow a much stronger relationship with your customers.

Interaction Platform

Social media is a great platform for interacting with your followers. It makes communication much easier than ever before, giving you the options of text posts, chat, personal messages, and more. It reduces physical distance and allows users to keep in contact with their loved ones, friends, and relatives regardless of geographic location. Before social media, it was difficult for people to stay in regular contact, but now social media platforms enable users to communicate every day, quickly and easily.

Important Occasions

Before social media, celebrating important days and occasions with your family and friends wasn’t always possible, but now with the emergence of social media, people can easily celebrate important occasions with their friends and relatives with a quick, easy post. Moreover, it’s also easier to remember important dates such as birthdays.

Learning Platform

Social media has provided a very good learning platform to students. Now with colleges and universities having their own groups and pages, they can share important learning materials with staff and students. Also, college students can use social media to collaborate and share assignments, e-books, queries, etc.

Political Discussions & Awareness

Social media also provides a political awareness and discussion platform. People who formerly had nowhere to discuss political issues now have an active channel to discuss issues and share their opinions. It’s an open platform where people share important facts, reveal truths, and spread awareness.

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