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August 4th, 2014
SEO for Social Media


Most people think of SEO as only for getting traffic to their websites. However, SEO for social media is important as well. These days Google does consider social media as a part of the algorithm for determining the ranking of your website. Therefore, a good idea for getting ahead is to make sure that the content that you post to social media sites is good for SEO. Here are a few tips for SEO for social media.

Post Original Content to Social Media

Even if you are linking to content on another site, you should make sure that your social media posts contain unique content. Simply reposting the title of the content from the page that you are linking to does nothing to help your SEO efforts. Make sure that the content is unique that you post to social media sites so that your profiles can rank higher.

Post Regularly and Don’t Spam

The top social media profiles online all post content regularly. By posting original content, you will grow the number of genuine followers on your social media profiles. In addition, you can also give others an opportunity to share your content.

Spamming does not only include social media posts that link to bogus websites. It also includes reposting the same content over and over. If your followers aren’t engaging with the content, then perhaps it is time to rethink your strategy instead of continuing to post the same thing over and over. The more you are repetitive, the more likely subscribers will unfollow you.

Link Back to Your Sites

You can use social media to diversify your backlink profile if you link back to your sites. You can link back to your sites and then have other people republish the social media content so that additional backlinks to your website are created. The better the content is on the page that you link to, the more likely that people will be to republish it, helping to make your site rank higher for relevance.

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