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July 24th, 2014
SEO Strategies for 2014


Search engine optimization is an important component of online marketing that is continuously changing. The method that online users take in order to find the information that they need as well as the algorithm updates from the search engines have a big impact on the way in which SEO techniques are done. Here are a few SEO strategies that you can use in 2014 to ensure that your site is successful. 

Create Video Testimonials

You can use video to re-enforce the positive attributes of your product or service. Video testimonials are inexpensive to make and will bring targeted traffic to your website. You can put together a video testimonial by getting your best customers to represent your products and services. You can also use employees to demonstrate the benefits of your product or service if that works better.

Once you have done the video testimonial, you should post it on a site like YouTube or other video sharing sites. This way when a potential customer searches for your company, he or she will find this targeted content.

Creating High Quality Backlinks

You can influence the quality of the backlinks that your site receives simply by posting better content. By posting content that is high quality, more influential sites are likely to link back to your site. This means high rankings and larger traffic volumes are sure to follow. Be sure to thank these individuals that post your content as they could become valuable contacts in the future.

This technique will also prevent you from being demanding in your outreach to potential publishers. Since you are focusing on the content creation instead of the outreach, you will be more inclined to focus on creating the best quality content so that it is reposted to other websites as much as possible. This will ensure that only those publishers who are truly interested in promoting your site will be sharing your content which means that you will receive more targeted web traffic.

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