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Everywhere we look these days, we can see signs of native advertising. It comes in the form of a suggested post or page on Facebook, a paid tweet on Twitter, or full page ad on Flipboard. Native advertising is quickly replacing increasingly ignored banner ads with relevant, sponsored content that’s proving to be fruitful for advertisers, publishers, and consumers alike.

As native advertising continues to grow and replace traditional online ads, it’s online a matter of time before they start changing other Internet marketing practices. Native advertising has quickly evolved into a powerful and reliable marketing strategy, and as such, it’s likely to change a whole lot of digital marketing practices in the future. Here are a few reasons why:

They Entice Audiences

It’s become easier by the day to ignore the irritating online advertisements that we’ve grown so accustomed to. However, marketers have started to realize just how ineffective and expensive these types of ads are, which has turned them towards native advertising. The reason that native ads are more compelling, both for advertisers and audiences, is that they’re interesting, relevant, and generally enticing, which means that they drive more traffic, clicks, and conversions. And blogs and editorial sites are not the only places where users can expect to bump into these cleverly disguised ads either. Facebook, for example, has made noticeable changes in their newsfeed to accommodate more sponsored content and more natural looking posts rather than annoying sidebar ads. Native advertising has succeeded greatly in attracting more audience towards new content, which proves for a good user experience and a prosperous ad strategy.

Great Way Of Promotion

Audience reviews and detailed articles covering the latest products are often much more effective than straight up advertisements, and that’s exactly the type of content that native ads allow brands to share and promote. Brands from all over the world, in numerous industries are adapting to this new marketing strategy in hopes that it will help raise brand awareness about their products, and for the most part, native advertising has been successful in those regards. Essentially, native advertisements are a nonintrusive way to promote your brand or product online and give readers information that they want rather than forcing them to see annoying display ads.

Trustworthy and Reliable

Most marketers have already started showing great interest in native advertising, as they believe it is one of the most reliable and trustworthy modern forms of digital marketing.

A report from BIA/Kelsey revealed that marketers are expected to spend about $3.1 billion on native advertising via social networks in the year 2014. This proves that we can expect to see remarkable growth in native advertising later this year. This is a valuable marketing strategy to engage audience with products and communicate with them in the way they like to enhance their trust in your products.

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