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June 18th, 2014
3 Unbeatable PPC Tips


Pay Per Click (PPC) is a good way of driving traffic to your website, but if you don’t have the right experience, running a strong PPC campaign can be a struggle. But don’t worry, we’ve got three unbeatable PPC tips for you that will take your campaigns to the next level.

Well-suited Keywords

Finding relevant keywords is the first and most important step of any PPC campaign. You can use a number of online keyword tools such as Google Keyword Tool, Keyword Discovery, and WordTracker to identify the appropriate keywords for your target audience. Try to select a high volume and long-tailed keyword such as “Latest Fashion in Ladies Shirts” that contains a lot of information and will be more specific to your audience’s search queries.

Set Your Goals

Defining and outlining your goals before you get started is a key to your success. You must have a clear idea of what you are seeking to accomplish with your PPC campaign, whether you want to promote your brand, increase your sales, or increase your subscribers.  If you know your objective you can plan accordingly and decide your platform, keywords, and ad content based on your overall objectives.

Captivating Headline

Your headline is arguably the most important part of your PPC campaign. If you want people to click on your ad and visit your site, you need to make that your headline alluring and precise. Try to add the benefits of your products or services in your headlines and don’t waste your time describing the features here—save that for the main page. Your headline should tell the audience what they will find in the complete advertisement and why they should read it further.

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Shafiq Siddiqui

Inbound Marketer / Content & Digital Strategist, Blogger @ExpressTribune, LinkedIn Author

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One thought on “3 Unbeatable PPC Tips

  1. I will add…Google provides its own PPC system called AdWords. With AdWords, you can address potential customers right when they are actively searching for the type of product/service that you offer. You don’t have to encourage these people; they are already interested when they see your ad. If your ad has attracted an Internet user, he/she can click on it immediately. When created competently, Google AdWords can become a powerful marketing tool. Take a look at site, there are you will find a lot of interesting information about affiliate marketing.

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