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Facebook is an undeniably powerful marketing tool that can help brand’s grow their fan base and reach new audiences with the simple click of a button. It’s a vital piece to any marketing puzzle, and those who aren’t capable of capitalizing on the network’s potential will ultimately be left in the dust. Learn how to expand your brand and generate more shares on Facebook with these 5 tips.

Use Eye-Catching Pictures

If you want your followers to share your posts then you need to use pictures to communicate your message and grab their attention. People are more interested in sharing pictures and videos than plain text, and Facebook values these types of content more than simple text statuses. Photo and video messages will stay in users’ feeds for a longer period of time when linked with images, so if you want more eyeballs on your content, it’s best to use images.

Keep It Short And Simple

Try to keep your posts short and simple rather than over burdening your readers with huge paragraphs. People won’t stop to read something that is long and drawn out because they either don’t have the time or don’t have the attention span. You should always opt for short, simple posts that are easy to read and understand.

Be Consistent

When it comes to any type of online marketing, consistency is the key to success, and the same holds true with Facebook. If you’re not consistent with your posts then people are likely to forget that you ever existed. Keep your posts consistent, both in terms of scheduling and content, in order to stay fresh in the minds of your followers.

Time Things Well

It’s pretty simple—if you want more shares then you need to make sure to time your posts right. Most people end up posting interesting things at the wrong hours of the day and wonder why they didn’t get enough shares. Take a look at your previously successful posts, or do some outside research, and find out what time of day and what day of week is most likely to generate the most shares. According to our research, posts that are made between 3 PM EST and 8PM EST tend to generate the most shares during the week.

Entertain Your Audience

Make your posts as entertaining as possible. People use Facebook to kill time and entertain themselves, so find some interesting or funny photos and videos and share them with your fans. But, don’t just share anything willy-nilly—be sure that every piece of content you posts is relevant to your fans and will serve some sort of pre-conceived business objective. 

Use Qutoes

Most people like sharing quotes from famous authors or writers. If you can find quotes that play to the personality or message of your brand or objectives, then go ahead and share them. Even better, if you can find a creative context to put a quote in, such as a picture or a short video, you can maximize the time it spends in users’ feeds and increase the chances for more shares. 

Getting more Facebook shares is really quite simple. Start by figuring out what the goal of your post is, find a photo or video that serves that purpose, and come up with a clever, branded status to accompany the video. If you combine an interesting image or video with a clever, entertaining status, your fans are bound to share it over and over again.

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