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Display ads are pretty much ubiquitous in the ecosystem that is the Internet, but despite their omnipresence, display ads aren’t always as effective as they could be. To make the ads effective takes some true marketing strategies and some innovative thinking. Here are some of the features of a great display ad and rules that should be followed during the creation process. 

Experiment on Display

The first step in creating a high converting display ad is to experiment with of different types of ads. Change the look, the message, and the content of the ad and track the statistics of number of users/visitors with every change. This way you can come up with the best possible design and message and increase the productivity of the ad.

Use Multimedia Content

Making use of pictures, animations, logos, attractive colors, and different effects should hep increase the visibility of your ads. Try to make your ad stand out from the crowd by using animated pictures, powerful colors, or making a blinking images. These eye-catching features are sure to attract the attention of visitors and make them click on your ad.

Use Figures, Statistics, and Truth

Using real figures and statistics of the benefits of your product or service. By doing this, you will be able to automatically encourage your audience to click the ad and potentially purchase the product or service it’s selling.

Make the Ad Truly a Part of Your Website

Don’t just place your ads anywhere. Find the best possible location for each specific ad and make it feel like it’s meant to be a part of your site. Use suitable colors and backgrounds for the ad to make it feel more appropriate to where it’s located on your page.

Use the Most Effective Message According to the Audience

High-converting ads are the ones with the most relevant and interesting message or information. It should not emphasize what the product offers, but it should emphasize the benefits that the audience will get from using the product. The content should only be specifically targeted to your audience and their needs and expectations.

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Inbound Marketer / Content & Digital Strategist, Blogger @ExpressTribune, LinkedIn Author

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