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With constant technological advancement surrounding us, the use of multiple devices is becoming increasingly commonplace. People are no longer just sticking to their desktops, and instead, are using laptops, tablets, and mobile phones on a daily basis.

Considering this vast change in the ways that consumers use technology, more and more companies are starting to adopt cross device marketing strategies to try and make their websites, contents, applications, and games more mobile friendly.

There are many reasons for having a cross-device strategy in this era of technology, but these are the three most important :

To Share The Same Content with Users Everywhere

Whether it’s a businessman or a student, a teacher or a doctor, people are taking and using their mobile devices everywhere. People spend most of their time on their mobile phones exploring the Internet but when they are at home they prefer to use laptops and desktops. So having a cross device strategy that allows the same content to be viewed in the same way on all the devices allows publishers to remain connected with their users everywhere.

To Provide Distinctive But Similar Experience On Each Device

The focus of a cross device strategy is to provide your website, applications, or games in a distinctive and unique way that’s optimized for that particular device. For example, the same purpose application may have a particular appearance on your laptop, but it may be little bit different on your smartphone, provided that the quality and content remains the same. If users can enjoy the same experience on their laptops as they can on their smartphones, they will likely remain long term visitors.

To Increase Your Purchases

As technology advances, more and more people are using their smartphones or tablets to make purchases online. So, if your site is optimized for smartphones and tablets, users can easily make their purchases from anywhere, at anytime. This makes it easier to always be accessible to your customers while allowing you to capitalize on a storefront that never has to close.

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Shafiq Siddiqui

Inbound Marketer / Content & Digital Strategist, Blogger @ExpressTribune, LinkedIn Author

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