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Content is king and utilizing right content on the right platform is the most significant step to making your content “go viral”. In order to reach the optimum level of success, content marketers and social media marketers should work together to develop and implement unbeatable cross-channel strategies.

There are multiple ways of strengthening your content marketing strategy and social media presence. The following are some tips and techniques that are considered as best practices for social media and content marketing in 2014.

Quality Content

Content without quality is trash, literally. What’s the use in creating content if it has no value for your readers? The aim of producing and sharing content is to make people read, understand, and “like.” All these reactions are subjected to one thing and that is quality.

Be Visual

It has been observed by many social media marketers that the engagement rate on social networks is a lot higher for the posts that have some visual element. Vibrant, colorful, and attractive images with some catchy one-liners, taglines, and calls to action attract  users and makes them like and share the image. This in return, boosts the engagement rate of the page.

Focus On Target Audience

Your target audience should never be neglected. Whether you are drafting content, creating your calls to action, or working on a pitch you should always keep the niche of your particular service or product in your mind. Don’t just share anything on your social media page. It can cause a lot of damage, if the interest of target audience is neglected.

Be Responsive

There are pages that lose their touch and reliability among the users and fans. The most common factor behind this is minimal to zero responsiveness. Leaving a comment, message, or query unanswered can make fans lose interest in the page. It’s the prime duty of a social media community manager to reply to each and every query or response received from the fans or users.

With the help of above mentioned tips, you can easily manage social media and content marketing activities of every brand. Make sure to focus on the minute things, as small things can make a huge difference at times.

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Shafiq Siddiqui

Inbound Marketer / Content & Digital Strategist, Blogger @ExpressTribune, LinkedIn Author

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  1. Nice summary there Shafiq. I’d say that adding ‘Consistent’ to the list would complete the set nicely!

    Doing all of the above on a regular basis will keep your audience happy =]

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