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Probably one of the most frequently asked questions by businesses today is, “How can we improve our SEO?” Are you sure you want to know? Ok, I’ll tell you. Blog, blog, blog, and blog some more. Blogging is one of those things you can almost never do too much of. It won’t make you fat. It won’t make you sick. It won’t turn your brain to mush. What it will do, however, is boost your SEO.

How Does it Work?

Eons ago, before the dawn of the Internet, customers selected businesses that they connected with, that seemed to understand them, that offered what they needed. Here we are in 2014 and what do you know—that same principle still applies. Despite what was initially claimed an impersonalization of business, the Internet has actually brought about more ways for businesses and consumers to connect.

Thanks to the evolution of SEO (hello Hummingbird), better connections with your customers can push you up in the SERPs. Therefore, you can use your blog to:

Improve Page Rank

For onsite blogs, every post you make adds a page to your overall site count. This is one of the ranking factors that Google looks for and blog posts are one of the easiest ways to build it.

Facilitate Search Crawling

Search engine crawlers love blogs because they offer just good old fashioned HTML—the fastest thing for them to search. Without kludgy Flash or JavaScript to get in the way, your content can be seen quickly and efficiently by these important eyes.

Add Backlinks to Your Domain

By nature, your blog content will be relevant to your business and, ideally, offer good quality information. These are the two criteria that make a backlink work positively for your site’s SEO.

Encourage Social Sharing

From within your blog, you can encourage people to share your posts but you need not stop there. Your posts can and should be shared by you via your social sites, thereby dramatically improving the chance of further sharing. Google watches closely for such activity.

Establish You as the Expert

No matter the tone of your blogs (humorous, serious, etc), they should always be informative and empower readers by teaching them and providing really useful information. By doing this, you capture the position as expert and draw more loyal followers. You also improve your chance of securing lucrative guest blog posts. This level of credibility is rewarded in search results.

The increased customer loyalty that can be built through your blog will also resonate and be seen in the form of more shares, likes, follows and ultimately traffic to your site. Add it all up and it is easy to see the tremendous value that your blog can deliver.

It is true that there is no one path to SEO stardom but it is equally true that your blog should be recognized as an essential part of the journey. In some ways, it is the low-hanging fruit because it simply requires you to talk about your product, service or industry—all things you know about. Whether you write your own blogs or outsource the actual writing, do not let this opportunity pass you by.

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Matt Secrist is the VP of Business Development and co-founder BKA Content, a content creation services company.

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Matt Secrist

Matt Secrist is the VP of Business Development and co-founder BKA Content, a content creation services company.

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