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The Mail Online- Daily News, Affiliate Marketing News, Advice and Tutorials

Are you looking to increase engagement with your users? Here are five content strategies that you can use to increase user engagement so that you can start getting the responses that you want.

Add Social Media Buttons

Social media buttons are the best way to increase user engagement. The more social media shares your content receives, the more likely it will be that your content will be read by new visitors. In addition, this will also help you to identify what is your best content.

Include a Call to Action

If you want your readers to take a specific action after viewing your content, you need to tell them so. Don’t just expect readers to act on their own without any direction. By including a call to action on your page or within a post, you can ensure that more readers will do the action that you recommend.

Make Your Content Easy to Read

The truth is that when people read content online oftentimes, they only have a few minutes to do so or don’t plan to read your content in full. Instead, what they do is scan the content for important points and move on. Therefore, if you want to increase reader engagement, you will need to make sure that your content is broken up in a way that make it easy to read. Use bold fonts for important points, break up the content into short paragraphs and use sub-headers to create content that your readers can scan and still get the important messages.

Use Attractive Headlines

If you are creating excellent content but you are not using attention grabbing headlines, then it is very likely that readers are not going even view your content. In order to get more views, you need to try headlines that readers are likely to click on. By using trending topics or words as part of the headlines, you can attract more attention to your posts.

Publish Content on a Schedule

By publishing content on a schedule, you can help to increase user engagement. This works by helping readers know when to check back for updates on your site. In this way, they will begin devoting a portion of their time on a regular basis to reviewing your site for new content. The best way to do this is to create a content calendar and schedule your postings.

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