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If you are running a Facebook campaign, increasing your user engagement, clicks, and conversions should be your goal. Here are five ways to boost your Facebook ad campaign.

Use an Edgerank Checker

By using a tool to check your Edgerank you can make sure that your page will show up in the Top News feed for the people that you are targeting. The Edgerank can have a massive impact on your ad conversions so it’s important that you always maintain a high Edgerank score if you want your ad campaigns to be successful.

Make Small Changes

When you are running a Facebook ad campaign, small changes can make all of the difference. Just changing a headline or the ad copy can dramatically transform your campaign. Also try changing the image or the target audience for the ad campaign and see if there are any differences in the conversion rates. Just as with other advertising platforms, the value of split testing can not be underestimated. Always test and retest your campaign variables for the best results.

Avoid Ad Saturation

If the same people are seeing the same ads over and over, it is very like that you will see a decrease in your conversion rates. To keep this from happening, you need to change your ad copy and associated images from time to time. However, again you will need to test to make sure that the new versions of the ads will convert as well as the old versions of the ads.

Fix Your Landing Page

If your landing page is probably the source of the low conversions, then it might be time to hire a designer. A quality landing page is the first step to building a great campaign, therefore it is essential that you build a great landing page that will convert highly.

Review the Analytics Data

By reviewing the data about your Facebook campaign, you can find out more about the people that clicked your ad. If you review this data carefully, you should be able to design ads that are more targeted to the people that will click on the ads.

These are just a few tips to help increase your Facebook ad conversion rates. However, testing is the best way to figure out what works and what doesn’t work. Test each one of these tips and see the results that you get.

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