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If you have a well designed site and great content and you are still struggling with getting engagement from your users, then perhaps it’s time to take a more creative approach. Here are three ways that you can increase user engagement on your site.

Make Engagement into a Game

There are many tools that will allow you to make user engagement into a game for users. This would include rewarding your users for engaging with the content on your site. You can reward them with points towards purchases, cash, or badges. In this way, your users will be more likely to take the actions that you would like them to take because they know that they will receive a reward for doing so.

Post Trending Content

Part of the reason for lack of user engagement for your website could be that the content that you are posting is not exactly piquing the interest of your readers. While the content may be relevant or interesting, many times it is the content that is about trending topics that gets the most engagement. Consider finding topics to discuss on your website by setting up alerts for trending news or industry topics and begin posting content related to those trending items on your site.

Invest in Social Media

If you are not investing in social media, the time to get started would be immediately. Social media can increase user engagement with your site content dramatically as you begin to grow a following on the social media sites. The best part is that your followers will continue to interact with you for as long as you as posting great content and will take the extra step of sharing your content with their friends and colleagues.

You can start by adding social media buttons to your website or blog. By receiving likes for your website content, visitors to your site will be more likely to see your site as the authority on a subject area. In addition, social media can also attract more organic visitors to your website as Google as already made it clear that social media signals play a role in site rankings.


If you are struggling with user engagement on your website, try employing these tips to get better results. By focusing more on what your site visitors want, you are likely to get the user engagement results that you are looking for.

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