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While many people still consider Google+ to be the new social media network that isn’t quite as good as Twitter or Facebook, the truth is that content on Google+ is generating as much if not more user engagement than Facebook and Twitter. If your company is utilizing Google+ to connect with customers, here are three ways that you can improve brand engagement on Google+.

Increase Your Influence

The first step to increasing brand engagement would be to increase your influence on Google+. By joining Circles that are relevant to your industry and to your customers, your company’s Google+ will likely get more views and more shares. In addition, you will be rewarded with more people wanting to connect with your brand on Google+.

Get a Vanity URL

Not having a vanity URL on Google+ can make it very difficult for users to find your company’s page unless they have the direct link to the page. Google+ sends invites to people for vanity URLs based on their account names. If you have received an invitation, you should definitely take advantage of it and set it up immediately.

Now when people search for your Google+ profile in the search engines, they are likely to find the page at the top of the search results, especially if the vanity URL that you select is the exact name of your company or brand.

Establish Authorship

By establishing Google+ Authorship, your brand can gain more visibility because content written by the people at your company will be recognized as authoritative content on a topic. When you have greater authority, your posts and Google+ profile will also rank higher in the search engines.

When your content becomes more visible in the search engines thanks to Google+ Authorship, you will likely find that the number of people being attracted to your profile will rise dramatically. In addition, your influence on Google+ will grow dramatically.

Figuring out how to improve user engagement on Google+ can be difficult without the right tools. However, if you are utilizing the tools that are recommended by Google and you are posting regular updates and content to your profile, you can see user engagement begin to rise dramatically. Increasing your influence on Google+ should be considered a long-term process, so don’t expect to see overnight results. Give the changes at least a few months to start seeing a difference.


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