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Performance marketing includes a wide range of activities that are designed to increase market reach, drive sales, and increase brand awareness. Performance marketing integrates multiple channels including mobile, social, and SEO. The value of performance marketing for brands can differ significantly depending on the channels used as well as the manner in which the returns are generated. Unfortunately, many brands are missing out on this potential source of business revenue and more brands should change this and begin taking advantage. Here are some of the reasons why brands should utilize performance marketing as a part of an overall digital marketing strategy.

Brands Often Overlook This Method

Brands, especially small and medium size businesses, often overlook performance marketing as a method to gain incremental sales and market reach because there is often a lack of understanding as to how this method truly fits into their businesses. When managed correctly, performance marketing has the ability to bring in as much as 30% more in additional revenues.

All of the Top Brands Use It

If you are trying to decide as a small or medium sized business whether performance marketing is worth the cost, consider the fact that majority of the top companies utilize performance marketing as part of a larger digital marketing strategy. Brands such as Amazon and Walmart are two of the top examples of brands that leverage performance marketing in order to drive sales.

Performance Marketing Must Be Integrated

In order to obtain the best results from performance marketing, the strategy must integrate a multitude of channels including mobile, social, and email. This allows for better tracking of the success of the campaign and also ensures that your strategy is effectively reaching your target audience.

Tools Can Help

These days there are a multiple of tools and companies that can assist with managing a performance marketing campaign. Many of these tools make getting started a breeze and the only other item that may be needed initially would be to select a manager for your campaign. There are many individuals that specialize in campaign management that would be able to assist your company in building a successful campaign.


Performance marketing is not something to be afraid of. With the right tools your business can launch a successful performance marketing campaign that is sure to increase your bottom line. The key is to get started as soon as possible.

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