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If you are struggling with your conversion rates, there may be just a few simple changes that you need to make that would change everything. By simply making some minor adjustments, you could grow your sales and opt-ins much faster. Here are five ways to increase your conversions that you can try now.

Have a Clear Call to Action

The call to action on your landing page must be clear in order to get the highest conversion rates. Don’t be afraid to directly ask the visitor to your page to opt in or make the purchase. If your users are not opting in at the rate that you would expect, perhaps the copy on the page should be modified along with the call to action for a better conversion rate.

Extend the Sales Process

Some users may not be willing to opt-in or purchase your offer right away. This does not mean that they will never convert. Instead, try extending the sales process by adding that person to an email list or following up at a later date via phone. In this way, you can convert those individuals that might not be ready to convert. However, you might design this process so that you are eliminating people that are highly like to never buy or convert from the process.

Build a New Landing Page

In many cases, the landing page or the copy on the landing page may be at the heart of the problem. If your landing page looks like it is not a trustworthy or secure page, then it is more likely that the conversion rate will be lower. Use landing page building tools or hire a designer to build you a new landing page if you think that the landing page is the cause of the low conversion rates.

Split Test Your Landing Page

Split testing your landing page is very important. Something as simple as changing the headline on a landing page could mean a complete turnaround in the conversion rate of the page. Unless your page is already converting highly, split testing should always be done in order to increase conversions.

Use Single Opt-in

Single opt-in for your landing page might be the best option in some cases. Although double opt-in is considered the norm, you may actually be losing subscribers. With some email marketing companies, the confirmation email for opting into an offer often ends up in the spam box leading to lost subscribers.


These are just a few tips for increasing your conversion rates. The most important thing is to isolate the problem and then work on fixing it.

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