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Google has made a slew of updates over the past few years that may leave you wondering what exactly is the best course of action to take. If you are starting to worry that your SEO strategy will go down the drain because of the Hummingbird update, well there is no need to worry. Everything that worked regarding SEO will continue to work following this update, provided that your SEO strategy is built upon white hat SEO techniques that are approved by Google. So what are those essential factors that will never change?

Content Is Still King

Google loves quality relevant content and this will not change with the Hummingbird update. Writing relevant content involves making sure that your content is well researched and targeted to your website’s audience. The goal when writing content should always be to attract and engage your readers. Forget the keyword stuffing, clickbait, and other trick tactics and simply focus on delivering the quality information that your visitors want.

Legitimate Backlinks That Were Earned Honestly Still Count

While Google has made it clear that it will not tolerate paid link buying, legitimate backlinks that have been earned through genuine relationships will still help your website to rank. So keep building those online relationships with bloggers and other people in your industry as they will help your site.

Keywords Still Need to Be Used in Moderation

Keywords are still relevant after this update, however it is important that you use them in moderation. Keyword stuffing has been out of favor with Google for a long time, but the careful insertion of relevant keywords inserted into the content sparingly will not hurt at all and will help your website’s rankings.

So What Has Changed With Hummingbird?

Hummingbird has essentially changed the way that we search on Google. Typing in question searches often lead to trial and error searches in which the majority of results were not actually relevant to the question being asked. Hummingbird update makes Google smarter in that questions searches can now be looked at in terms of context rather than seeing each individual word within the query as separate entities.

This also means that long-tail keyword searches will become more relevant than ever and you should therefore make an effort to incorporate long-tail keyword phrases into your site’s content where appropriate. Hummingbird can not really be seen as a surprise, but simply the obvious next step in improving Google searches.

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