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Google+ engagement is something that every business wants, but few know how to get it. Creating an active Google+ community is simple if rules are followed and the right content is shared. As a rule of thumb, Google+ content is expected to be more attractive, eye catching and worth sharing than other platforms.

Google+ is considered a more serious platform than Facebook and Twitter, which is not exactly true; Google+ is a social network after all, so it’s supposed to be vibrant and full of quality content.

Are you all set to increase your Google+ engagement?

Use Catchy Images

The Google+ layout allows larger images which can capture users’ interests immediately. So, an image that is relevant, catchy, touching, and a reflection of the brand should be shared.

The ideal image is one that is in line with the brand image and at the same time intrigues followers to engage and interact.

Include Relevant Links and Keywords

The about page of a brand’s profile is a great place to use links and keywords and add value to the brand image overview. On the about page, businesses can use specific keywords and link to pages or services that they want to promote.

Use Google Events

Google+ allows users to take advantage of Google Events. Google Events send out customized invitations to people even those who are not Google+ users. These invitations for events can be synced with the Google calendar. Whenever a user confirms his attendance for the event, it is shown in their Google calendar.

Set Up Google Authorship

Google Authorship is how Google entices bloggers and web-masters to connect and engage with Google+. It’s simple to set up Google Authorship and businesses and brands can reap huge SEO benefits by using it. With Google Authorship, the author’s picture shows up next to his blog post when it is searched on Google and makes the author’s name Google friendly.

Post Often

It’s not a good brand engagement strategy to simply neglect Google+ or to post inconsistently. It is important that brands post often and share high quality, informative posts with their followers to enhance their user experience and encourage them engage in meaningful conversation. It is the first step towards lead generation.

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