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The world is changing at a fast pace. There are a lot of different factors that have brought about this change but the most astounding change has been due to the recent increase of mobile phones all over the world.

With the unprecedented increase in the number of smartphone users around the globe, information is readily and easily accessible with just a simple click. Because of this incredible convenience, customers have begun to use smartphones for in-shop retail experiences and as well as online purchasing, and are fundamentally altering the ways in which businesses operate.

The following are four mobile trends that are undeniably shaping the business practices of today, forever altering the ways in which brands and consumers interact.


Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) continues to be a challenge for businesses. BYOD allows employees to use devices that they’re comfortable in using, which increases employee motivation and productivity overall. On the other hand with BYOD comes the security risk. Employees who store company information on their devices increase the risks of valuable company information being stolen. Thus, it’s vital for businesses to carefully create a BYOD policy that can benefit both employees and the business.

Increase in Mobile Payments

With the increase in smartphones there has also been an increase in mobile payments. People can buy anything with just a few clicks, and paying is as easy as sending a message. Businesses like Starbucks have understood and utilized the potential of mobile payments and it won’t be long before other business follow suit, inventing new ways to encourage customers to pay via mobile.

Advertising Medium

Mobile phones present a unique challenge and an enticing opportunity to advertisers. For mobile devices, advertising will have to take a new form. Ads displayed on smartphones need to take into account the short attention span that users have. People generally use smartphones for a smaller amount of time that they use tablets or laptops. So, advertising on mobile phones has to be very clever and creative.

Easier Access to the Web

Businesses are converting their websites into mobile friendly forms to increase their user engagement and interest. Responsive web design helps users access websites on their mobile devices which increases visibility. People find it very easy and helpful to check a website on their mobile phones whenever they want, which can help drive more traffic, clicks, conversions, and ultimately revenue.

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