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March 31st, 2014
In-Image Advertising is the New Trend In Digital Ads

In-Image advertising is taking the digital advertising world by storm. The once new term has become a force to be reckoned with in the online advertising space. Recently the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) published some interesting facts on the In-Image Advertising market, and what they found is nothing but good news for companies such as Imonomy who specialize in creating in-image advertising solutions for online publishers.

A growing fear for many online publishers and bloggers is that most monetization strategies impair the website experience for their core audience. A lot of distracting or flashy advertisements and/or banners at the top of a site can often have a negative effect on the audience. Content rich sites that overuse side banners may look and feel more like a commercial than a place to get some good information. In-image advertisements do not alter the experience for the user because they are included in the articles images. Most importantly in-image advertising works to maintain the integrity of websites, which is a major concern for publishers who want to effectively monetize without hindering their sites.

The special thing about in-image advertisements is that the users have control. In most in-image ads the user has to interact with the image in order to see the ad. The interaction typically involves the user hovering their mouse over an image.

In-image advertising

Imonomy is on the leading in-image advertising service providers. The company has developed a Visual Semantic Engine that contextually analyzes the content from a web page in order to determine which campaign or offer would best suit the text. For example, Imonomy will automatically match a holiday package deal to a webpage with a hotel review.

Valuable webpage “real-estate” can be saved or re-used when advertisements are moved into the image space. In-image ads receive more attention than average banners or popups. Throughout the research done by the IAB it is very clear that in-image ad creatives get a higher Click Through Rate than traditional digital advertising. Similarly, in-image advertising reached an average score of 77% viewability, while traditional display ads got an average score of 51% viewability.

The in-image advertising industry is still in it’s early stage but it is expected to scale and be a mainstream solution for advertisers and publishers alike. People are treating in-image advertising as helpful service rather than a flashy unrelated ad. In-image ads facilitate a positive user experience, while generating valuable revenue for publishers, advertisers and any other stakeholder that related to the digital advertising arena.

With trillions of images on the web, in-image advertising is here to stay. Companies like Imonomy are revolutionizing the market and helping in-image advertising expand its reach on the web.

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Murray Newlands

Murray Newlands is an online marketing industry veteran, and the founder of TheMail.

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Murray Newlands

Murray Newlands

Murray Newlands is an online marketing industry veteran, and the founder of TheMail.

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