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By: Jesse Aaron, Mashbout

Since there is not one specific strategy that guarantees success, savvy mobile marketers typically vary in their approaches. Some may forecast the success of an app more optimistically than others, while certain mobile marketers value subtle approaches over in-your-face advertorials.

The success of a mobile marketing strategy is largely contingent on how compatible that strategy is with the product or brand at hand. For the most part, though, there are five habits that all clever mobile marketers share.

Awareness of Emerging Mobile Features

Sure, staying on top of the apps game is important if you want to scope out any marketing opportunities, but just as important is having an awareness of emerging mobile features. Some examples of these features include push notifications, voice control and fingerprint recognition.

A handful of such features, like fingerprint recognition, are of less use to mobile marketers than others, but being aware of all emerging features is very prudent for marketers, so they can detect marketing opportunities ahead of their competition.

An example of this would be watching Google’s patent record, specifically their recent mention of advertising-transportation models for mobile devices:


Mobile marketers that constantly monitor these breakthroughs will constantly have an edge on their competition.

Continuously Establishing a Presence on Social Media Platforms

In regard to social media platforms, savvy social media marketers must do more than simply be aware. They must establish a presence on these platforms, since they are often ripe with marketing potential.

Beyond the mobile-compatible social media goliaths such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, there are emerging mobile platforms such as Vine, Pheed and Instagram that are beginning to represent an alternative source for mobile marketing.

Savvy mobile marketers are on all of these social networks, regardless of size, steadily building a following in case the platform becomes big.

Also, eCommerce websites often fall short of developing their social channels. A really great example of an eCommerce site doing this well is Havahart, where their social profiles are constantly engaging fans:


Mobile marketers should always have social engagement and monitoring at a high level of priority. Ghost-town Facebook pages for business devalue brand engagement and image.

Connecting With Respected Voices in the Product or Brand’s Niche

Mobile marketers keep their fingers on the pulse of the blogosphere relevant to the niche to which they want to market. Savvy marketers tend to offer promotional opportunities, discounts or contest offers to bloggers to increase the likelihood that the blog will write about the product or brand in question.

Not only does this provide an incentive to the blogger to publicize the brand or product, but it also opens the potential for significant exposure in untapped markets.

Also, mobile marketers who take this a step further can visualize niche technology. For example, Maxwell Systems allows mobile devices to sync up with a tailored technology for constructors, allowing the construction industry to have seamless coordination and management.


That’s a great example of how mobile technology powers a hands-on industry, and gives us implications for how mobile technology advances.


Quality mobile marketers tend to be very timely. They realize that posting content on mobile apps is not going to be very effective at 2:00 AM, just as they know that the optimal times to post on social media are at 11:00 AM, 3:00 PM and 8:00 PM ET.

Similarly, responding in timely fashion to mobile inquiries—whether via e-mail or an app—is an especially important habit, since it can contribute to acquiring a significant amount of leads. Great mobile marketers know that they should not come across as stagnant or disinterested.

Attentiveness to Current Events and Social Trends

Just as savvy mobile marketers tend to network with specific niches, they engage with broader audiences by remarking on current events or social trends, which they can loosely relate back to the product or brand they are promoting when the opportune time comes.

While the aforementioned four habits tend to be of a more technical nature, paying attention to current events and social trends can provide a big boost to relating with potential leads beyond the technical and advertising level.

While there is no single strategy to guarantee mobile marketing success, the best of the best in the industry tend to share the five traits above. These are all typical characteristics of clever social media marketers, who may vary in their precise approach but value innovation, communication and relevancy all the same.

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