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The Mail Online- Daily News, Affiliate Marketing News, Advice and Tutorials

By: Joe Ferguson, MaxBounty

Just as it is in any facet of marketing and advertising, copywriting is undeniably important in affiliate marketing as well. Effectively written copy can be the difference between you finding success in a campaign, and feeling like you’ve completely wasted your time.

It’s all about writing content in which the user can trust, understand, and learn from.

As it pertains to an offer landing page, there are some tried, tested, and true guidelines that you should refer to that could greatly improve how the user interacts with your page.

Maintain a Direct Voice

The user is on your landing page, which means they are already displaying interest in the offer. Keeping the text as concise as possible will go a long way in keeping them there. You aren’t writing a science fiction novel, so spending hours staring at a thesaurus to find that perfect five syllable word isn’t necessary. Instead, focus on being direct and avoid the temptation of using literary fluff that won’t actually assist in selling the offer to the user.

What’s In It For Me?

Provide information on what the end result could be if the user were to utilize the product or service. Listing features can be informative, but what are the benefits of those features? If your landing page is promoting a health product and says something like “Improve your cardiovascular health,” you can add subsequent value to the line by saying “Improve your cardiovascular health, leading to an increased metabolism.” By doing this you’re creating additional incentive for the user as well as strengthening the feature itself simultaneously.


A golden rule in almost any avenue of copywriting, that’s still just as important in this case—the use of action words.

Verbs create excitement and a sense of action when reading without the use of unnecessary jargon like we touched on earlier. These words inject your sentences with some confidence, showcasing to the reader that you have what they desire. Words like “optimize,” “create,” “capture,” “obtain,” help drive interest to what it is you’re offering. They’re impactful, and allow the user to imagine what they can accomplish through by using the product or service.


Almost just as important as the words you choose, are the way those words are presented to the user. Proper structuring can allow you have to control over how your content is read and consumed. Large blocks of text are ineffective and difficult to digest. Break up your text and allow for important and words phrases to be emphasized—tt can go a long way in creating visual appeal.

Make use of bullets, headings, bold text, and font sizes when appropriate. That way you are able to select what you want to stand out to the reader, while ensuring they don’t get frustrated trying to read all the information located on your page.

There is endless advice and suggestions for writing effective landing page copy located all over the web. These four guidelines are merely a foundation in ensuring your landing page has a shot at being successful in creating conversions. Remember to think about what would sell YOU on a product or service, and as always test multiple strategies!

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