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By: Noam Rotem, Sr. Product & Marketing Manager, Ongage

A lot has been said about email marketing. What to write, how to write it, when is the best time to send it so you increase performance. Performance is all we talk about when we say “email marketing.” But why do we care about performance? Eventually it all leads to ROI. That is the bottom line. So if indeed this is the bottom line then there is one more factor that many don’t mention.

Are You Using One or Multiple ESPs?

Who said you have to choose only one? Newsflash—you can use multiple ESPs.

Using multiple service providers has some very compelling benefits.

Optimize Email Delivery KPIs: Inbox Placement, Opens, Clicks, Post Click Conversions

No single email sending system is going to have peak delivery performance at all times. At times, one might do better with certain domains (, Yahoo), and another with different domains (Gmail, AOL). By split testing two or more ESPs you can easily determine which is doing best, and at the push of a button, route your emails based on best performance. This instantly raises all of your KPIs from inbox placement to opens, clicks, and most importantly, your bottom line post click conversions.

Matching Segment Profiles to ESPs

ESPs can have different deliverability to different segments. For example, a local Russian ESP may have higher deliverability to .ru domains and a Japanese service may do better within their country.

But it goes beyond geography and ISPs domains as mentioned above. Some ESPs offer specialties and are better at handling certain verticals, e.g., one might be better with online retail, another with online game, and third with affiliate lead generation. So by best matching your segmented audiences to ESPs, marketers can increase deliverability, email marketing performance, and best of all—revenues!

Lowering Email Marketing Costs

As your sending volumes go up, so do costs. Many companies want to get the best deliverability but also maintain reasonable expenses. Marketers can easily test and choose which email delivery vendors provide them with most cost efficient performance for the audiences they’re delivering to, that is if their email marketing software supports that.

In particular, the case of SMTP relays can provide great deliverability, but usually come with minimal user interfaces. By combining an email marketing front-end to any leading SMTP relay service, marketers can get a full featured email marketing solution, that is as good, and yet, more cost efficient than a full ESP.


What Is Ongage?

Ongage, makes the world’s first email marketing front-end platform that seamlessly connects to multiple ESPs and SMTP relays. The platform provides the ability to test and use multiple ESPs so you can find the best ESP for each audience, improve email delivery rates, increase performance, load balance costs, automate email marketing, and boost overall ROI.


“Ongage helped us greatly by enabling us to consolidate all of our multi-ESP operations in one unified platform” — Jottix International is an Online media company specializing in email marketing

“Ongage offered us a perfect solution to all our email and SMS marketing needs!”—ZinQMedia is an integrated lead generation and online marketing company providing high quality leads for commercial purposes. Our head office is located in the media center of the Netherlands, Amsterdam.

“Ever since of our accounts have been setup we have been getting better inbox placement, receiving more webinar registrations, and breaking sales goals. Not to mention all of the hours I have been able to reclaim in my day… I am very happy and pleased with this service.”—Jason Benedict, Director of Marketing & Internal Operations, RealPrompt Real Estate.

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