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By: Joe ForteD-Mak Productions

Recent surveys report that there may be no better way to increase search engine ranking, higher click through rate, and stickiness for your website than using video. After recent algorithm changes, Google is placing more value on length of visit and most certainly, visitors watching video stay longer than those reading content. Video has quickly made its mark by moving up the page in universal search results and can be used in many ways to increase conversion rates both onsite and offsite.

  1. Plugging in product or service demonstration videos will increase the time a customer spends on the website, resulting in a lower bounce rate, which will increase conversion rates. A Comscore report offered in August of 2010 stated that on average, visitors remained on a website over two minutes longer as a result of videos included in the content. Of all videos being viewed, informational videos are king when it comes to increasing conversion. Currently, over 80% of the videos displayed by Google in search results are informational.
  2. Link building can be accomplished with video as well. You can maximize exposure by uploading your videos to multiple video search engines. Taking advantage of the available hosting sites such as YouTube, Vimeo, Daily Motion, and Metacafe, is a great way to build backlinks to your site. Linking the video to your site will increase SEO and result in higher conversion rates. And, don’t forget all the social sites at your disposal. These sites will deliver more than just links from the sites themselves, your link will get scattered throughout the web as bloggers and others share the link with others.
  3. Another way to achieve links through video is by embedding text links back to your website. This would be similar to the way that some surveys, polls and plug-ins work as well as some of the search engines themselves. Ultimately you want people that view your video offsite to find their way back to your website to do their shopping. You may want to consider uploading a type of trailer video to YouTube and other video host services. You would use the trailer as an advertisement to encourage the viewer to return to your site to view this wonderful new product or service that you are offering at discounted prices. Kind of a video “call to action.” When your videos are properly optimized they will do so much more for your site because they are still somewhat unique. By that I mean, the blended search results that Google currently delivers are primarily websites, images, and text, therefore when a video is included in the search results, there is a greater likelihood that they will click through and watch your video. Including a “call to action” at the close of the video will also do wonders at getting your visitors to convert. The “call to action” offers a better way to coral and guide your traffic into your sales funnel resulting in more items in the shopping cart.
  4. Last, let’s not forget the power of the landing page. A well-designed landing page can greatly increase conversion rates on your site. You will need to develop a clear call to action, which is the most important part of the landing page. Using video on the landing page helps keep it clear and simple so that the visitor will have no doubt what the next step should be. The landing page will keep the visitor focused on the specific items of your campaign and help prevent them from getting lost on your site.

Since Google owns YouTube, it only makes sense that they would give YouTube videos preferred treatment when ranking websites. Knowing this, the website owner should take advantage of video implementation as a way of increasing conversion rates. For SEO, video will certainly make your pages stickier. Users prefer to watch video than read static text and the subsequent longer time users spend on your site will appeal to Google and the other search engines. You can increase conversion rates by getting more traffic. You can also increase conversion rates by informing your visitors, as videos will serve both purposes.

Article written by Joe Forte, co-owner of D-Mak Productions. D-Mak Productions provides professional video production services in Phoenix, Arizona.

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