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The Mail Online- Daily News, Affiliate Marketing News, Advice and Tutorials

 By: Jennifer Ballad, Clickbooth

Unique, a word that has diminished over the years, is defined as being the only one of its kind, unlike anything else. It is even more imperative that we understand the importance of this word where copying seems to be the norm. So now ask yourself, are your marketing efforts unique?

Yes, having unique content in the world of affiliate marketing is difficult, but whoever said this was going to be an easy ride? The importance of being unique in this ever-changing industry is invaluable. It has happened time and time again—someone ripped your landing page, copied your ads, stole your exit pop—now what? Being an industry innovator will help you always stay at least one step ahead of your competition and identify or adopt cutting-edge industry trends before the copycats. Follow these three proven steps to become a truly unique marketing expert.

Early Adopter

Do your research! CPA advertisers and publishers are constantly searching for the latest craze, the next break-through country, or a new vertical to diversify into. Be the first to break into unique niche products that appeal to a broad audience. Original content = quality traffic; this is key for making an offer back out for the advertiser. In return you will yield higher ROIs and the ability to scale. You should always be testing across multiple traffic sources—everything deserves a test. There is no excuse for not being diverse in your marketing promotions. This would only be hindering you from being the best you can be.

Market Innovator

At what point do you decide that you have run the same page and ad that everyone else is promoting for long enough? Fresh, new ideas that are different but still relevant are key. Rewriting what someone else has already written is a skill that anyone can have; however, writing your own unique content is not something everyone can do. To be an industry leader, this is a skill you need to acquire. Even if writing is not your forte, it’s best to divide your time and resources wisely by outsourcing your content writing.

There could be a reason that your blog or landing page is falling short of its full potential. Give the consumers the type of information they need. Start writing unique content to bring your page to the top of the industry! It can’t hurt to reinforce this but it is critical that you are creative. Market innovators, the people thinking outside the box, tend to have more eye catching creatives and in turn they can often bring about a higher CTR.

Proactive Approach to Staying on the Cutting Edge

Sadly this can be a copy cat industry. However, there are ways to stay ahead of the competition—be proactive by building unique content. After your research, take a look at your ads, ad copy, banners, images, etc, and make sure they are all unique with fresh content. The best affiliate marketers think of the big picture. Achieving a greater understanding of the market landscape and trends will help get you there.

In the end, you will gain many benefits from being unique. You will have a better understanding of consumer behavior and what variables lead to improved performance. Always be ready to change your strategy since what works one day might not work the next. If you enable your marketing with these tools you will find long-term success in this ever-changing industry.

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