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By: Samme D’souza,

If you have a small retail shop that has been battling for the big online retailers for most part of your holiday seasons then this is the time to experience change. With the festival of Christmas getting closer, we can see that most of the consumers are not much willing to pay for the expensive shipping deals. No wonder—choices available in the market have got them spoiled to a great extent. Now this is the time when you are likely to see the last minute holiday shoppers actually hitting those payment stuffs while looking for the most convincing gifts.

These are exactly the league of shoppers that should matter to you as they can bring you huge profits in business. What should you do to grab them before Christmas Day?

1. Be an Answer to Their Concerns

It’s important to position yourself as an answer to their concerns and problems. In your marketing messages, you must focus on the fact that your store is ready to deliver the last minute gift solutions. Let them know that you are offering them an easy and fast service and a wide array of all those products that they’re looking for. It’s surely going to help them ease their holiday season stress. However, you must ensure that you are also successfully delivering on these promises.

2. Offer In-Store Pick Up

If you are running an e-commerce website, make sure that you are offering them the option for ordering online and letting them pick up products in-store. You can also set a particular cut-off date. This would ensure that the shoppers aren’t disappointed.

3. Provide Call Assistance

You can hire employees for your store that would help you take the credit card orders right over the phone. This would be great for the purchase of products for the in-store pick up.

4. Let Customers Contact You Easily

Make certain things about your store easily available or clearly visible. This includes your phone number, contact information, email, address and rest of the needful. Now you must also ensure that you are checking your mails and answering those phone calls on a regular basis rather than leaving things out in the dust. When you get things started, make sure that you are implementing as well.

5. Update On Local Search Websites

Make sure that you are there on the local search listings. You must ensure that your listings are updated and should include all the necessary information regarding the special offers, promotions as well as the sales. It should have everything that you think can affect the decision of the buyers and help them push up their choices over all other competitors in the market.

6. Offer Those Amazing Gift Wrapping Services

This would help them take less stress with their last minute shopping gifts. You can choose to offer basic wrapping for free and elaborate wrapping for some nominal charge. You can also include the products relating to the gift wrapping in your store itself so that your customers don’t have to flock to some other shop to get their gifts the finishing touch.

7. Focus on Impulse Buying

You can place small items such as stocking stuffers next to the registers or in those spaces where the customers will be waiting in the line.

8. Extend Your Hours of Operation

If it’s the holiday season then make sure you are not hesitant in opening up early and staying up late. You can promote your extended hours through text messaging, email and social media.

You can also choose to advertise online through PPC which can prove to be a great booster for your sales and business. The last minute holiday shoppers would also love little or more surprises which can come to them in the form of discounts and lucrative offers. You can also choose to have a look at your competitors and ensure that you learn from their mistakes.

Look for options to expand and improve even during the ongoing sales process. Be there always and make sure that you are accessible for your customers. Close every deal with a smile on face and you are surely going to have a jaw-breaking sales point this Christmas!

This article is contributed by Samme D’souza who is associated with a leading UK based supplier of transparent cable protectors—

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