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By: David Drasnin, David Resnick & Associates, P.C.

Evolution of Marketing Strategies—A Natural Process

Customers all over the world are evolving in their consumer tastes and preferences, and so are the ways through which they acquire information about a certain product and its potential purchase.

Since changes in consumer preferences relate to a shift towards smartphone-based content, naturally, many manufacturers are also turning their attention to mobile marketing, thus creating product-orientated mobile apps as a means of promoting their products and services.

The increasing popularity of mobile app marketing is spreading throughout all branches of industry, including the almighty automotive sector. The car industry has always been high profile, since most of the products manufactured i.e. vehicles, are highly desirable and enjoy massive popularity.

Sparking Interest and Getting Everyone Involved

The use of mobile apps as means of marketing and promotion by car manufacturers seems to be well-received by the public. Stats have also shown that many consumers are not only downloading car maker mobile apps, but actually putting them to good use. It’s actually the fun, yet engaging and useful nature of car makers’ mobile apps that makes them so popular with consumers.

Some of the most popular and well-made mobile car apps are those of European (mainly German) car making giants, and the Ford Motor Company.

  • Ford Motor Co. put out a clever car app called Ford Fusion for the release of their current 2013 model Ford Fusion. The app was activated by capturing a Ford vehicle badge, and provided customers with the opportunity to take a virtual test drive of the new model. The app was made even better by the fact that fans were provided with a new driving course to test the Fusion each day until the official release of the car. Ford also came out with a high octane Ford Mustang mobile app known as Mustang Customizer which allowed petrol heads to personalize the outlook of the almighty Mustang in multiple ways and achieve their dream vehicle. There is also an option to race and vote for the customised Mustangs which makes the experience of the mobile users even richer and more intense. The slogan of the app is quite remarkable too—“Build and Battle for Ultimate Bragging Rights.”
  • The German car manufacturing giants Mercedes, Audi, BMW, and Volkswagen have all released clever, useful, and highly interactive mobile apps that are not only customer-oriented, but also provide for many useful dealer and dealership functions and features. Mercedes, Audi, and BMW have pushed their mobile apps more toward information about current products, history of the brand, and the innovative technology of each model. For instance, BMW has released a special BMW TV app that allows their fans to watch a great range of high quality videos from a wide platform fields. Volkswagen also presented its fans with the opportunity to take a virtual test drive of their most popular SUV, the Touareg, and their sports gem, the Golf GTI. However, the company took it a step further and created the amazing social app SmileDrive that records one’s drives and rewards him with special stickers for personal achievements, like driving into a really cold day. After each drive, one could check his score which is based on a number of variables like, weather, distance, location, and so on. The app is not limited to Volkswagen car owners only, and that’s what makes it so flexible and user-friendly.
  • There are also mobile apps that are created as a result of the mutual efforts of various auto manufacturers like Honda, General Motors, and Toyota’s “Glockner” app. This quite useful application allows the car owner to quickly search for the latest service specials and coupons, check monthly payments, and look through the manufacturer’s inventory or set a service appointment in a matter of a few clicks.
  • Those refined Brits at Rolls Royce haven’t missed a beat of the mobile phone app craze either, and have released their very own Rolls-Royce Ghost app which allows fans to customize multiple exterior and interior features of a Rolls. The app also provides for stunning 360 degree views of the car, as well as three fully detailed interior views.

Car Apps for Safety

Car apps are not only promotional and pure fun, but some of them actually provide invaluable technical advice and tips while driving. Specialized driving assistance and timely technical advice can be the difference between having and avoiding an accident. In all instances, avoiding road accidents is vital, even if you have the best accident attorney working for you. Take advantage of clever apps that give information about the vehicle’s current technical status, as well as road advice apps, which are invaluable for keeping away from traffic jams and road hazards. Some of the better known examples of safe driving apps are Beat The Traffic, Waze, TomTom and FleetSafer, so make sure to check them out before you dive into the high traffic of the city, or when planning the longed for road trip.

Written and published by David Drasnin on behalf of Mr. David Resnick—an experienced car accident lawyer in New York. If you need a consultation and a legal advice on a car related incident, contact David Resnick & Associates, P.C. today.

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