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Mobile affiliate landing page optimization is the new key to success. With more than 50% of your traffic now coming from mobile devices, you have to convert that mobile traffic well. We thought we would take a look at one tool for doing this, and found out more from Landing Page Personalization

Showing the right content to the right people will skyrocket your mobile landing page conversion rates.

Clickthroo is able to detect a number of details about your mobile landing page visitors and then dynamically insert them into your landing page copy. All you have to do is click on the button labelled “Dynamic” on the text editor and add any of the dynamic tags with a single click.

Mobile Marketing Strategy

Here are the elements that you can dynamically insert into you landing pages:

  • City—the city that the visitor is located in.
  • State—the state that the visitor is located in
  • Country—the country that the visitor is located in.
  • Referral Domain—the domain name of the website that the visitor has been referred from.
  • Keyword—the keyword that the user searched for to find you.
  • Time & Date—a live clock showing the current time and/or date.
  • Countdown—a countdown clock that ticks down in front of your visitors eyes.

mobile affiliate

As we said, this can provide some real easy wins and can feel a little bit like cheating!

Visitor Segmentation

Want to feel a little more hands-on with your personalization? Clickthroo gives you the “holy grail” of landing page marketing—visitor segmentation.

Visitor segmentation is all about showing different landing page variants to your visitors depending on who they are and what they are looking for. You are able to segment visitors using a combination of any of the following visitor profile datasets:

mobile affialites

This way, you get the benefit of lazer-targeted mobile landing pages to boost your conversion rates, and also, in the case of Google or Bing paid advertising, you get a huge relevancy bonus resulting in higher quality scores.

Custom Parameters (For Super-Detailed Reporting)

Custom parameters are snippets of additional information relating to your ad campaigns that can be passed through to Clickthroo by advertising networks or traffic sources. Clickthroo is able to extract and report these “snippets” allowing for even more granular reporting.

So, for example, you may wish to know which position your AdWords ad was in when it was clicked on, or the match type that was used. The only way of reporting this is by using custom parameters.

Here is a screenshot of the custom parameters currently provided by Google AdWords:

mobile affialites landing2

Using custom parameters is very simple. On the “Traffic Sources” screen, simply click the “Custom Parameters” tab and then add the parameters you would like to be reported. Clickthroo then builds a new URL for you to use with the ad network/traffic source and you are good to go (find your new URL under Campaign Overview > Campaign URLs).

Read our Mobile Marketing Strategy Guide for more tips on mobile marketing.

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Murray Newlands

Murray Newlands is an online marketing industry veteran, and the founder of TheMail.

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Murray Newlands

Murray Newlands

Murray Newlands is an online marketing industry veteran, and the founder of TheMail.

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