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By: Jim Harvey, SVP, Advertising Sales, Appia

Behind every successful app is a great user acquisition strategy. There are multiple considerations to think through when planning a mobile advertising strategy; especially given 1 in 4 apps never get downloaded. At Appia, we believe there are four key tactics to incorporate into your mobile advertising strategy to drive success.

Target the Right User

Loyal, engaged users are what you’re looking for. There’s a variety of ways to effectively target, ensuring you are reaching a high quality audience.

To begin, consider targeting by device, platform, or specific carriers. Users with new devices are more likely to be primed for app downloads to fill their new device, so consider targeting brand new devices as they roll out.

Location-based targeting is another way to reach a focused audience. Location-based campaigns are tailored to a user based on their location data. Location can be as broad as a country or time zone, or get as specific as a Zip Code or storefront.

Lastly, utilizing smart data will enable you to target users based on their demographic information, likes, interests, behavioral data, and more. Use historical trends to find the most relevant, targeted audience. Not only does this key targeting tactic drive higher lifetime value users, it also cuts down on wasted spend.

Tip: It’s not just important to target the user, but also the message. Consider both when creating an effective mobile ad campaign.

Optimize Ad Creative

Not all mobile devices are created equal. iOS and Android devices have different ad sizing that mobile advertisers must be aware of. Testing to ensure campaign creatives are compatible and functioning across multiple devices and operating systems is imperative. While making sure you have the right ad sizes and right formats should be top of mind—color schemes, images, and text are just as important.

Language localization is another way to optimize. Language localization allows advertisers to target language by the device location setting, and returns ads in that users preferred language. This creates a seamless experience based on their device settings. Our tests have shown 42% increase in CTR and 22% increase in conversion rate when using localized creative.

Tip: Try A/B testing ad creative to determine which messaging drives higher CTR, and ultimately higher value users.

Have a Post-Install Plan

Driving significant users to download your app and only realizing a small portion means you have engagement challenges! Keeping your users engaged increases their lifetime value. App usage, registrations, level ups, and in-game purchases are several ways to measure user engagement.

Knowing what you’re trying to drive your users towards is critical for defining which monetization model will best suit your needs. Should your app be paid, freemium, work on a subscription-based model, or be ad supported? There are costs and benefits to each of these monetization models. Ultimately, determining your goals and aligning a strategy that drives monetization while creating an engaging post-install user experience is key.

Tip: Allow users to purchase additional lives when they run out after playing your game. This creates an incremental revenue stream while keeping users engaged.

Measure Performance 

Knowing where your high value users came from, what behaviors impacted acquisition, and what post-install tactics increased value will help you hyper-target similar users. Make certain you can accurately collect, analyze and predict on performance, so you can accurately understand what drives acquisition.

Measure post-install events including in-app purchases or leveling up, tying them to mobile ad spend. This information can feed back into the other mobile advertising processes like helping further optimize creative and improve targeting even more.

Tip: Test with multiple traffic sources to find the partner that brings you the best ROI.

These four tips will help create the perfect mix of advertising strategies for a successful mobile advertising program. Whether you’re just getting started in mobile marketing or you’re a veteran getting ready to launch your latest app, these tips will help you find and keep the highest value users.

Appia is the leading mobile user acquisition network, delivering more than 60 million app installs to over 1 billion users across more than 200 countries. Appia provides mobile ad solutions for developers, publishers, and advertisers.

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