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By: Matthew Brennan

Unique interactive technologies drawing people in and inciting visitors have been increasingly popular and have seen good results as far as traffic is concerned. There are new technologies that people will be using for viewing the web, and with it new strategies for attracting customers through landing pages. As more people make the leap to smartphones and tablets, interactive mobile environments like InterCall’s unique virtual environments and other emerging technological on-site trends, will become increasingly important in landing page conversions.

What does optimizing your landing page for a mobile device look like?

Make It One Finger Ready—Pinching and zooming and excessive amounts of scrolling can be a pain for the mobile user. You need to get them the message that they are looking for, and do it quickly. As soon as navigating your mobile landing page becomes more work than it’s worth for the user, they’ll be on to the competitor’s page.

Click To Call—With mobile, it’s important to make sure that phone numbers are click to call. That means making sure that area codes and even country codes are part of the number (if you’re expecting International customers). Style the number as a link so that it stands out in the text. You can also include text with a message such as “Call now” or about a sale or promotion.

Make Forms Simple—Don’t ask for any more information via forms than what you need. If users are required to fill out long, convoluted forms on their smart phone or tablet, frustrations can mount. Not everybody is as good at typing on a mobile device as they are on a full size keyboard. It may be what is standing between a visitor and a landing page conversion.

Scannable Content—Long, rambling content doesn’t work too well on a normal landing page, and it’s even more of a problem for mobile. Bullets, lists, and subheads win the day for a mobile landing page. That’s because content should be short, easy to read, and get to the point.

Include Video—Not everyone wants to read. If you have a short video that gets straight to the point of your landing page, it might work with at least a percentage of your visitors to incite them to complete the call to action.

The Future Of Landing Pages

As you create landing pages in general, keep in mind online trends and the direction that Internet marketing is headed. Whether they come via computer or mobile device, users are going to have limited focus and patience. If you can’t provide what they’re looking for in a direct and obvious manner, there are plenty of places competing for their attention.

Optimize For SEO and PPC—The pages that can be optimized for both SEO (organic search) and PPC (pay per click) will perform better, and attract more visitors in general. That means topical and keyword focused content that focuses on the benefits will do extremely well. Pages with well-written content that have thoughtful descriptions, can rank well for SEO and PPC.

Brief Content—Lists, bullets, and subheads are always a great idea to break content down into more manageable chunks. With landing pages in general, it’s important to give readers only the information that they need, or that they’re looking for. Remember, they have a problem, and are looking to you as the solution. Anything outside that realm is going to be seen as verbose and disorganized, and slow the whole process down.

Compelling Call To Action—It may seem oversimplified, but make sure your readers clearly understand what you want them to do. Don’t make them go hunting for your contact information. That should be readily available in multiple places. Don’t make them go hunting for how to buy. That should be the most obvious next step that they can take.

Remember to always design your landing pages with conversions in mind.

Matthew Brennan is a marketing writer based in the Chicago area. He regularly writes about content marketing, blogging, and engaging with your audience. He has been published on ProBlogger, Soshable, and Business2Community. Connect with Matthew on his website,, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+.

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