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By: Samuel Ott, Video Production Manager, Lift Division

As the popularity of video continues to spike, so to does the importance of quality video marketing campaigns. Over the past year we’ve seen YouTube’s user and view numbers continue to climb, Instagram add a new video feature, and video apps like Vine take over the mobile web. Thus, as consumers begin to engage more and more with video content, it is important that marketers understand what makes for a quality video that people will enjoy and want to share, and ultimately help build your brand. Here are four examples of well-executed video advertisements that serve as both brand strengthening and entertaining content.

1. Shy Camera—Dove’s “Real Beauty” Campaign

Dove’s new “Shy Camera” ad holds true to the traditional feel of the whole “Real Beauty” Campaign that it started in 2004. What makes this whole campaign so successful is that it doesn’t overly promote its cause. Dove is hardly mentioned in the campaign until the very end, and even when it is, the product is not the central message of the ad campaign. The question in the new commercial is “When did we stop thinking we were pretty?” and it shows this split with the ages of the women who are camera shy versus the ages of the girls who love the spotlight.

2. Security Cameras—Coca-Cola

When you watch this you will want other people to see it, too. This ad is so successful because it has the sharing effect. People will want to share it without being told to share it. It takes something that we normally see as a negative invasion of our privacy, and makes it into something inspiring. Normally we think of security cameras as always watching us, but during this video we forget the fact this is the real purpose of these cameras because it catches funny and inspiring things such as people helping other people and people dressed up as scuba divers walking out of an elevator in a building. Again, not until the very end do we see a man buying a Coke for another man from a vending machine so we associate all the happy feelings from the beginning of the ad and somehow end up craving a Coca-Cola.

3. Galaxy Gear Evolution—Samsung

This ad tracks the evolution of science fiction fantasy watches and shows cartoons and the dates of each watch idea. It taps into the good emotions that you have about all of those different shows or movies, and gets them all stacked up so you will really want the product they are selling, which again isn’t revealed until the very end so you associate all the positive feelings with the product they are selling. It wisely targets an older male demographic, which will probably be the ones most likely to buy this new gadget. This new ad plays off the emotional attachments that people have already formed to these movies and shows, but waits to associate all these emotions to the ending product.

4. The Scarecrow—Chipotle

This ad features strong animation following a scarecrow that is sad about the way the animals are being treated in the food production services. This ad was so successful because it appealed to the demographic that it was aiming for: the same generation that has grown up watching short animation videos. This ad was almost like Disney’s animated shorts with a moral message. The ad barely mentions Chipotle, except with clever subtle marketing like the scarecrow reaching for the chili in the garden that looks exactly like Chipotle’s logo and then the burrito stand at the end. The ad tells a story, and a very relevant one in today’s society at that. With this ad, Chipotle secures its brand in the minds of many that it is not like other fast food chains, it is different and healthier, without ever once outright saying that it is. The viewer comes to this conclusion all on their own, a necessary trick for online marketing videos.


Samuel Ott is the video production manager at Lift Division, a video production and video marketing company based out of Columbia, Mo.

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Murray Newlands

Murray Newlands is an online marketing industry veteran, and the founder of TheMail.

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Murray Newlands

Murray Newlands

Murray Newlands is an online marketing industry veteran, and the founder of TheMail.

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