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The Mail Online- Daily News, Affiliate Marketing News, Advice and Tutorials

By: Gozde Kar, Clicksure

Affiliate marketing is a highly renowned way to make a living from promoting a merchant’s products over the internet. As more and more people sign up to affiliate programs, however, it can make the affiliate market quite competitive. Therefore, affiliates who want to achieve success will need to seek increasingly creative ways to find new affiliate programs that can provide a profitable niche for them. Here are some ways to help you find a new affiliate program.

  1. See What Your Competitors Are Doing—One of the best strategies that you could use to sniff out new affiliate programs is to see what your competitors are promoting. If they are operating in a similar niche to you, then it’s worth having a look on their site or blog to see if there are any affiliate programs that they are promoting that may also be of interest to you.
  2. Seek Out Products That You Love—Research has proven that affiliate marketers come across as more genuine and trustworthy if they are promoting a product that they truly love themselves. This can, in turn, help boost their revenue. One of the ways that you can look for a new affiliate program is to think about all of the products that you love, but aren’t yet promoting. Seek out the product and manufacturer and find out if they offer an affiliate program.
  3. Word of Mouth—You may well discover information about a new and profitable affiliate program from a contact or networking opportunity. Word of mouth recommendations are really invaluable, because it means that the information is less likely to be as publicly widespread. This helps to give you a competitive edge in the affiliate marketing arena, as you could be promoting a product that isn’t operating in a saturated market. In order to increase these vital word of mouth connections, it’s a good idea to seek ways to increase your contacts. Visit affiliate marketing networking events and make the most of social media to meet useful people.
  4. Do Your Research—Often, finding the most lucrative, new affiliate programs involves a bit of digging around. You’re not likely to find golden opportunities falling directly in your lap, so it really pays to put some effort into trying to find new programs by doing some research. Get involved with social media activities to help sniff out potential opportunities. Research ideas on the internet and make the most of search engines. Browse websites of interest in your niche area and find out if they offer an affiliate program.
  5. Contact a Merchant Directly—Good communication with your merchant or affiliate network is important to make sure that you stay in the loop regarding any new opportunities that may arise. It’s worth regularly staying in touch with your merchant to ask them if there are any new affiliate programs available or about to come up. Don’t necessarily rely on the merchant contacting you directly. It really does pay to be pro-active and stay one step ahead of the game, and your competition.

Gozde Kar is a marketing professional who is currently working with Clicksure and manages all of their micro blogs. You can find her contributing to a number of marketing publications about affiliate marketing and online & offline marketing related topics.

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