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By: Kristina Allen, Marketing Consultant, AdEspresso

When it comes to Twitter many retail and e-commerce brands are unsure of what exactly they should be tweeting. If you fall into that category, don’t worry. We’ve scoured the web and put together a list of five simple things you can start tweeting today to engage your followers and even increase your sales!

1. Promo Codes & Discounts

There’s no better way to reward a social media fan of your e-commerce or retail brand than with a promo code!


This is likely the primary reason that the person is following your brand on Twitter according to research by


This is really good news for you, as every time someone takes advantage of a promo code you tweet, you are completing a sale and driving revenue from your social media efforts! I highly recommend that you use a unique promo code for every campaign so that you can correlate exact revenue generated from that campaign against revenue from not only other marketing channels but other Twitter campaigns you’ve run.

2. Customer Service Responses

It is very likely that your customers will tweet to you when they are experiencing issues with your product or service. You should always respond to them and help out. You can create a separate twitter account dedicated to support like Nike has done with their @NikeSupport twitter handle or you can provide support from your main account.


Remember if you use a dedicated support account that many people will not think to tweet to your support handle when they are frustrated; instead, they will use your main Twitter handle. This means you need to still keep an eye on the mentions for your main account. You can simply reply to these concerns using your support handle to avoid tweeting support from your main account.

Sometimes the support you need to provide cannot be handled in a short Twitter message. In those cases it is best to tweet to the person asking them to email you like this:


Moving the support issue to email can ensure you can provide the best support possible when a quick fix is not possible.

3. Product Usage Ideas

It’s never a bad idea to tweet out ways people can really enjoy your products! This gives them validation on their past purchases and encourages them to make new purchases.

Ellie, a fitness apparel brand, often tweets out workout ideas for their customers:


You can see at the end of the tweet is a link. This link takes you to the Ellie website where you can shop for new fitness apparel for your workout.

4. Links to Your Blog

Driving traffic to your website without being completely salesy is a big social media challenge. One of the best ways to do this is by linking Twitter followers to your fun blog posts. In this example we see Whole Foods tweeting a link to their blog where they share recipe ideas.

Here’s the tweet:


And here’s the blog post that you get linked to:


Once you get a Twitter follower to your blog you have a chance to make an emotional connection with them—AND, if your blog navigation is good, you can get them to explore the retail/e-commerce section of your site.

5. Pictures

Instagram and Pinterest are not the only social networks you should be sharing pictures on. Your Twitter followers will be happy to take a peek at what you’re snapping pictures of—especially if the pictures are of decent quality.

Also, keep in mind that sometimes you’ll want to tweet a link to your website with a picture but sometimes you’ll want to be non-salesy like this:


This picture really says it all. No link needed. As a fan and follower of the brand, this picture alone is enough to plant the seed that I need to make a cupcake purchase soon! Undoubtedly, sometimes you need to push the sale (like with promo codes), but sometimes you just want to play it cool!

What other suggestions do you have for fun tweets that brand accounts can send out? Do you schedule your tweets in advance? If so, which software do you use?

This post was written by Kristina Allen, marketing consultant for AdEspresso the best software for optimizing your Facebook ad campaigns! You can follow us on Twitter @AdEspresso.


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  1. When it comes to scheduling tweets, Buffer is really the one that we tend to prefer. Its been integrated into Facebook and plus the browser add on is a great feature. There are a ton of other tools out there but the simplicity of Buffer is what makes it stand out.

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