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The Mail Online- Daily News, Affiliate Marketing News, Advice and Tutorials

By: Tricia Borren

A decent marketing strategy can yield solid long term results for a small business. Unfortunately, when doing all the planning, many make mistakes that derail the plan and hurt the business. With that being said, here are five mistakes that could be killing your marketing strategy.

  1. Poor Usage of Social Media—When a person opens a Facebook page for the business, they must do a lot to foster growth and gain new visitors. Some new business owners open a page at this social media giant only to ignore users and neglect the page. To get to the top, one should use their Facebook and Twitter accounts daily so they can communicate with visitors and potential customers.
  2. Resisting Change—To succeed online, one must always remain vigilant about new ideas and ways to bring in customers. Ideally, an entrepreneur should have an open mind and not fear change as it will help in fostering new relationships and bringing in new customers. One must remember that with technology things change quickly, and a smart entrepreneur must go with the flow and try new things to find and retain customers.
  3. Ignoring Mobile Devices—People now use their smartphones to surf the Internet, make purchases, and communicate with friends. A smart company should exploit this by creating a website that is easy to navigate for all visitors; to take things further, one should also create a smartphone app. This will allow customers to communicate with the business and buy products without using the complicated built-in browsers.
  4. Receiving Negative Reviews—With a poor online reputation, a company swill suffer as people will not trust a website with poor reviews from Yelp and other review sites. To combat this and get back on track, one must contact a reputation management company who can restore one’s reputation. When hiring a reputation management company, one can fix their bad reviews and get back on page one for quality search terms.
  5. Failing to Use Analytics—When running a campaign online, one must track customers with Google Analytics or another tracking program. This will help a company understand the user and what makes him or her leave the site. Over time, one can improve their campaign as they will know what works and what does not work to bring in traffic.

With these five ideas, one will realize what is bringing down their marketing campaign. One must remember that one small error can cause serious problems, and it is up to the entrepreneur to spot weaknesses in his or her approach.

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