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There once was a time when maintaining an active Internet presence wasn’t such a big deal. It didn’t matter if your business had a website, or contact email. It didn’t even matter if your business had a social network profile, because quite frankly, they weren’t around.

All of that has changed though, and the same holds true for the mobile world. Nearly everyone carries a mobile device, whether that constitutes a smartphone, tablet, or combination of the two (phablet). More importantly it means that customers will be looking for mobile optimized platforms. Such desires could be met with a mobile app, mobile centric website or more.

You should look at mobile as yet another effective advertising platform. With the right approach, you could increase your customer base, sales, and much more thanks to mobile. That’s what we’re here to talk about today. We’re going to explore three different platforms that will help you maximize your presence in the mobile world.


1. Mogreet Express—Send SMS and Video Messages



SMS, also known as short message service is what most people are doing with their phones when they’re blissfully plugging away. Studies indicate that 97% of mobile subscribers will read an SMS (text) message within 15 minutes of receiving it; 84% will respond within 1 hour. Those are ridiculous numbers; no other platforms offer the same speed when it comes to customer interaction.

The only downside to SMS is that it’s plain in terms of visual style, and you have to stay within the confines of the character limit for messages. That is, the messages cannot be too long otherwise they will be split up and delivered separately.

Believe it or not, standard SMS is a great marketing tool. Many companies use it as sort of a permission-activated system, which sends out frequent updates and exclusive offers to customers that have signed up. Generally, interested parties can opt in for SMS updates by sending a text to a specific number, or by offering up their contact information via a web form.

Mogreet Express is a very unique tool that will allow you to integrate SMS and video messaging campaigns into social media. You can encourage your followers and fans to join the campaign, whilst also encouraging new users to sign up.

It’s a remarkably useful platform, because it walks you through setting up a mobile SMS campaign and makes the entire process very simple. It helps you generate things like a personalized shortcode, auto-responses and more.

You don’t have to be well versed in technology and you don’t need to have any working knowledge of mobile development in order to use it. This makes it especially useful for freelancers. Consider a contractor who has compiled a list of potential clients or wants to get into a new market. They can utilize Mogreet to acquire new business or simply make new contacts.

The most important thing to note is that you can use it to make a move into the mobile world, enhancing the overall experience your customers have. When used in combination with social media, you can really boost exposure that will generate leads, sales and much more.


2. Heyo—Easily Create Mobile Facebook Campaigns 



Heyo is a marketing tool that allows you to build contests which can be implemented on Facebook. The great part is that it supports mobile browsing. It uses a unique engine to redirect mobile users to a separate page, while regular users are sent to the related Facebook page. Essentially, this allows mobile users to browse a web portal specifically designed for their device.

Traditionally, when a Facebook contest is launched it’s designed for desktop users only. That alienates anyone browsing on a mobile device, and it discourages some audiences from participating. That is especially true when it comes to entering contact information and filling out web forms. Needless to say, trying to fill out a web form that has been optimized for desktop computers on a mobile device can be very frustrating.

With Heyo, you can generate a contest page for use on Facebook and the service automatically optimizes everything for multiple platforms too. That is, it creates two different versions: one for mobile and the other for desktop browsing. You can put together a beautiful and attractive contest page in minutes, and you can even implement advanced elements such as a countdown timer and more.

The beauty of the service is that it’s easy to use, it scales well between different platforms and it can really help you generate a lot of buzz for your brand or business.


3. LogMyCalls—Monitor the Benefits of Your Mobile Marketing Campaign and Measure ROI




When it comes to phone calls and traditional mobile marketing, the same kind of tracking support is not offered. That’s a shame, especially when you consider the fact that 64% of smartphone searchers convert to active callers within just an hour of browsing. If you ask us, that’s an exceptional conversion rate for potential leads.

LogMyCalls is a mobile centric tool that allows you to track calls generated by various advertising campaigns. It provides you with unique phone numbers, which redirect to your business call center and can be easily tracked. You can use separate numbers for an internet campaign or a mobile ad. Then, when customers start phoning in you can accurately measure your ROI.

This is particularly important because it allows you to pinpoint which marketing campaigns are working for your business, and which ones truly generate more exposure, leads, and sales.

The sheer simplicity of this tool allows any organization to take advantage of it. Essentially, this is a commercial type of 9-1-1 data recording system. Consider something like a rehab center taking advantage of information-seeking calls, allowing them to go back refine their responses to make sure curious parties are feeling secure about their center.

Branch Out, Give These Tools a Try

Well, there you have it those are some of the best mobile marketing tools out there today. They are all very easy to use, and quite effective. It’s time to branch out in your marketing and generate some new leads. Give them a try.

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