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By: Hitesh Mistry, Digital Marketing Director, EmailerGo

We all have busy, fast paced lives and we all need to be somewhere at a specific time. Whether it’s dropping the kids off to school, a doctor’s appointment or a business meeting – timing is everything.

Email marketing needs to fit into these busy schedules. There is no point sending emails out when subscribers are likely to be occupied elsewhere or even asleep. How many emails have you received at 3am?  Emails sent at these times are usually picked up by spam filters.

How well do you understand your subscribers?

Subscribers have opted in to receive information from you because they want to hear from you. They want to hear what you have to say, what you currently have to offer and of course what you can provide for them. It’s therefore important to subscribers that they receive emails when it is convenient for them, not when it is convenient to send out email campaigns. Understanding your subscriber, knowing when they are likely to have spare time to read emails and focusing on sending emails at those times will optomise response.

Consider this scenario. Dave, a typical subscriber works 9-5 at a local supermarket. He has a smart phone which can receive emails; however, it’s in his locker whilst he is working. Dave normally has his lunch break, anytime between 12 and 2 and he enjoys surfing the internet or playing games. He is likely to do this before and after work too. This scenario tells you important information about this particular subscriber and his availability.

According to research, Dave is not unusual and the best time to send out an email is just before and after work (before 9am or after 5pm) or during people’s lunch breaks (between 12pm and 2pm). However, this may vary according to your particular subscriber database.


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Right Database, Right Time, Right Email

Being in the right place, at the right time is a vital component in the drive to increase conversions or sales but other factors are also important for successful email marketing.

The right product, for the right database delivered with unique content (with no spelling or grammar errors) ensures the highest conversions possible. Email campaigns need equally to have an attractive template design, a strong proposition and a clear call to actions. The content needs to focus on delivering a key message; multiple messages confuse the reader. With sophisticated spam filters, email content that is not perfect will get blocked – you really only have one opportunity to deliver the perfect email campaign.

Large Email Databases & Lists

For those who have large email databases and lists, segmenting them to deliver targeted email campaigns is an effective strategy. Segment data correctly to ensure that email campaigns are delivered to the right people; otherwise results may be disappointing. ESPs (Email Service Providers) have limits on the amount of emails they can receive per minute. They analyse where these emails are coming from too: if they identify anything suspicious, emails could be blocked by spam filters. Consider delivering email campaign over a number of days. Sending at a slower speed will provide better conversions and deliverability.


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Email marketing enables businesses to get their message across to a wide audience quickly and cost effectively.  Tools have made this process seamless easy. Although there are powerful tools available, don’t rely on them to do all the work.

Create email lists which integrate with websites and social channels to grow them even further. Create attractive email templates and thoroughly test your email campaigns to ensure they will deliver the best possible results.

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