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By: Aditi Datta

Mobile Search Marketing—Dial the Market Number

Mobile Search Marketing is comparatively a new found area of work. As Google and other search engines are extending their services to sophisticated mobile sets, marketing personnel are gearing up for exploring a new vista of opportunities. Besides dialing numbers, smart mobile users are using their cell phones to find information online. This is the reason why mobile search marketing is creating a buzz in the mobile industry.

The number of mobile users is spiraling up every day despite the threat of global economic meltdown. In fact, trendy mobile phones have caught the imaginations of youngsters, who can do almost anything for grabbing a stylish and trendy mobile phone. What is even more surprising is that some people feel completely paralyzed or become extremely depressed if they forget to carry their cell phone with them. A recent survey conducted by International Telecommunication shows that the number of cell phone users has been increasing continuously as compared to land-phone users.

The staggering rise in the number of cell phone users throughout the world has succeeded in capturing the attention of all and this is the reason, why the concept “Mobile Search Marketing” is gaining currency. Gone are the days of simple cell phones, generation next is now gearing up for sophisticated mobile phones, which are equipped with some cool features such as browser, camera, music players and lots of other things that can not be summed up in a single sentence. Some mobile phones even have QWERTY keyboards that help users to surf the Net effortlessly.

Some Aspects Of Mobile Search Marketing

  • This is undoubtedly a new found area of work.
  • A person who will spearhead mobile marketing campaign must be tech-savvy personal.
  • Mobile marketing is far more competitive than other kinds of marketing campaigns.
  • Though some similarities may exist between mobile search marketing and Internet marketing, there are some basic differences as well.

Relation Between Mobile Website Design and Mobile Search Marketing

Mobile Web Design and Mobile Search Marketing are intimately interconnected. Before spearheading a mobile search campaign, the quality of website design needs to be improved. A web designer will get a minimal chance of demonstrating his skills and expertise in it, as the screen of cell phone does not allow him to unleash his creativity in full swing.

The Growth Trajectory of Mobile Phones

The dramatic rise of mobile phones can be presented in a graphic chart. If the development can be rendered in a graphic chart, it will definitely show how the usage of cell phone started speeding up in 2000 and how it has exceeded fixed wireless phones in the first half of 2003. Its affordability and its multiple benefits have helped this gadget win the grueling marketing battle.

The Importance of Mobile Search Marketing

As the growth of mobile shows no signs of slowing down, the concept of “Mobile Search Marketing” is gaining enormous importance among Android app development companies. One can stay ahead in this tough competitive market from others if he emphasizes on this new concept of “Mobile Search Marketing”.

Specifying target audience is the one of the crucial tasks of “Mobile Search Marketing”. As a mobile user wants to get information about a topic fast, mobile marketing campaign needs to be crafted in the hands of some mobile marketing professionals. Engagement of audiences is another vital thing that has to be ensured at any cost otherwise; the entire effort might go in vain. As a large section of mobile users spends most of their spare time either playing games or browsing Internet, market survey needs to be conducted properly before the onset of marketing campaign. Social media marketing, online marketing, press release etc are some of the best online marketing policies that need to be operationalzed with utmost skill.


Before leading a Mobile Search Marketing campaign, one needs to emphasis the designing concept of a website, which is created for this particular purpose. A website dedicated for this campaign needs to be simple in design and should take minimal loading time. As the screen of mobile is not big enough, a designer should not use too many images in a website. Focus of attention should be on text, as the prime objective of Mobile Search Marketing is to promote the brand image of a company.

Add mobility to your promotional campaign with Mobile Search marketing for leveraging the potential of your organization in full strength.

This Guest Post is penned by Aditi Datta, a professional web designer and Android app developer. Aditi loves to provide effective design related tips and guidelines, and works in a leading web development company in India.

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