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By: Jesse Aaron

There are more blogs on the web than anyone can count, and they’re all vying for more clicks and shares. Some of these blogs are natural draws—anything from a major publication, for example, or from a celebrity—but others need to make the extra effort to get attention. They need a supercharge.

A supercharge is anything that makes your blog pop, or brings people back again and again and drives them to share your posts. What can you do to give your blog that jolt of creativity? Start with these four strategies.

Infographics Campaign

There are some things text just can’t cut. No matter how many subheaders and bullet points you add to your post, social media platforms will always prefer graphics. Why?

  • Because they’re visually stimulating.
  • Because we know they only require a handful of seconds.
  • Because they’re awesome.

Instead of simply creating another ho-hum bullet list, spruce up your data with an attractive and colorful infographic.

There’s no shortage of good reasons to use infographics on your blog:

  • They’re more likely to go viral than text-based content and result in traffic boosts.
  • They are the secret-sauce to inbound marketing efforts.
  • They add color to an otherwise monotonous page.

Plus, they make it easier for readers to absorb rich data, such as geographic distribution and historical data. Think back to the 2012 election. What were you more likely to browse, a long list of state results, or a color-coded breakdown on a US map?

You’re smart and you’re probably thinking, “Sure, infographics are amazing, but I don’t have any design experience…”

Let me stop you right there. If you’re not sure how to format an infographic, look at how the experts do it and then download a reliable program that lets you create your own infographics. If point-and-click is you’re thing, consider outsourcing a gig on Fiverr (incredibly cheap) to whip up a nice infographic for you.

I bet you’re thinking now, “Interesting…but my industry isn’t ‘cool’ enough for infographics.” Let me stop you again. Consider these examples:

CJ Pony Parts (mustang parts company | auto industry) – “Take a SuSTAYnable Vacation This Summer! [Motion Graphic]”

12 Palms Rehab (rehab and recovery center | drug & rehabilitation industry) – “The Science of Habit: Popular Habits vs. Popular Addictions [Infographic]”

Havahart (animal traps | animal control industry) – “Infographic: The Benefits of Feral Cat TNR Programs vs. Euthanasia”

See? Any industry can be successful with infographics. Those were probably three industries you were not expecting. Collectively, they were shared over a thousand times. If you had any doubts about infographics, hopefully you’ll consider an infographic campaign now.

Host Webinars and Build Resource Centers

Build your blog a reputation for expertise and credibility.

Webinars help your blog in two ways. For one thing, they’re great for attracting new readers to your blog or bringing back people who haven’t been around for a while. Secondly, they provide ready-made blog topics. Write a recap of each webinar with key quotes from speakers, and include links to the replay and PowerPoint presentations.

Webinars also make a great addition to any resource library, along with journal articles, white papers, industry reports, PDF guides, any other references in your field. Let’s benchmark.

HubSpot is hosting a free webinar about…”Secrets to a Successful Webinar” – perfect.


Validate your webinar with mini-profiles like the HubSpot example above.


Give all the details upfront: When, Length, Twitter Hashtag.

Of course, not everyone has public speaking skills, but maybe you’re friends do. Reach out to them or industry contacts to host a free webinar on your site. Want to make a little money for your hard efforts? Start off with a dozen free webinars to build awareness. Set up a “PRO” membership to your blog (paid), that grants access to “special” webinars that are more in-depth.

Host a Contest

This one’s a no-brainer.

I’m sure you’ve seen blogger contests and product giveaways being promoted via Twitter and Facebook. Why do so many people do this?

  • Because it works
  • It drives a ton of traffic
  • People love a chance to win something, especially when their entry is free

A common strategy is to ask entries to be a comment on the contest blog post and to share the post itself. This turns your contest into an inbound marketing powerhouse.

There are many best-practices to a successful contest and tools that help automate the process. Binkd is a sweet and popular social media contest platform that has Sweepstakes, Photo Contest, and Twitter Contest options.

Is your blog active on Pinterest? Try offering Pin-contests to encourage re-pinning and don’t forget to offer a nice reward!

Ask for User Submissions

Managing a blog is demanding, especially when they come secondary to our day jobs. Sometimes our brains just fizzle out of ideas. When this happens, reach out to your readers or fellow industry bloggers.

  • Try hosting a photo submission relative to your niche. Say you’ll feature the photos daily along with the user’s name.
  • Offer guest posting opportunities to let your readers share some of the spotlight
  • Challenge readers with questions, ideas, or prompts to grow a comment section
  • Interview one of your readers

Does your blog need a kick in the pants? Try some of these strategies and breathe new life into your content.

What’s your best tip for supercharging a blog?

Jesse Aaron is a professional blogger with a passion for homebrewing. He writes on a variety of topics on his blog. Follow Jesse on Google Plus.

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