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September 10th, 2013
One-Way Links and How to Use Them


By: Sarmista Aun

One-way links are, today, a popular practice done by any affordable SEO company. This is because with one-way links, you get to enjoy two simultaneous benefits—one is that it gets relevant traffic to your website, and the second is that it promotes your search engine ranking. So, with one-way links, you can fulfill two of your objectives.

So what are these one-way links exactly?

These are links of your own site that you place in others’. The name is “one-way link” because the other site you place your link on does not have any links in yours. This form of internet advertising is popular because it makes the worth and quality of your website apparent.

Generally, people who are familiar with your site or the business that you do show interest in having your links. Users that they direct to your website are the ones who are likely to buy your products or services. You may be thinking that when you are the one who is making business, why is the other site happy with just one-way linking with you? Well, this is because they too are benefitting indirectly. Your website which is quite a traffic-magnet can bring some targeted traffic to them as well.

Why are links so important if you want to succeed online?

There are two basic reasons for this:

  1. Links can get your website indexed by search engines, so your pages get ranked for targeted keywords. And, the higher your rank, the better are your chances of getting traffic.
  2. Links are used by search engines to determine your web page’s relevance to a search query. So, by building links from relevant websites, you make it easy for your web page to get indexed and ranked by the popular search engines.

How can you make your one-way link work?

You cannot really ignore the importance of one-way link building even if you have a site that is equipped with great content and relevant information because links can get you additional quality traffic. And suppose, you do have good content, the first thing you need to do is improvise it because it is only then that other sites will be interested in linking with you. However, you should not expect it to give you over-night success. Getting traffic through one-way is quite a slow and tedious but a sure process.

There are several ways in which you can get the best of one-way linking:

  • Make use of service directories to post your links. Web users who search for goods and services in service directories are highly targeted traffic, who knows exactly what they want and where to get it from. Moreover, being in the search directories also upholds a good image of yours before the search engines, thereby promoting your rank in them.
  • Article directories can also be used for link building. What you need to do is write quality content and place your link in or below it. If your content manages to hold the user, he will surely click on your link to visit your site. You may use phrases like “Continue on” or “Read more” to direct the traffic to your site.
  • You may join relevant forums and communities. Make sure to use your signature as a link to these places for attracting traffic.
  • Getting your site into DMOZ can be helpful as it is always behind as far as reviewing and listing websites are concerned. It can take anywhere between two weeks to a year to review a site. Wondering how that can help? Well, it can because Google has stated that a site that is in DMOZ directory automatically becomes valuable.
  • Generally, webmasters also own a blog which is independent of the site; so why not make use of blog links. When you ask for a link, tell them that you can offer an additional site link as well.
  • Get your advertisement in popular newsletters. If the webmaster archives it online, your link shall become permanent and get accepted in the popular search engines.

Getting one-way links for your site requires a highly professional approach and expertise. Hence, it is better you get in touch with a capable and affordable SEO company so that you can sit back and enjoy all its benefits.


Sarmista Aun is an independent writer. She is also professional blogger. She is currently working in a professional SEO company and gives relevant tricks to generate targeted traffic on your blog through organic search.

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