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The Mail Online- Daily News, Affiliate Marketing News, Advice and Tutorials

By: Brooke Chaplan

When trying to get your site noticed, there are many different ways you can get the results you want. Talk with others in your field how they were able to market their site and what methods worked best for them. Come up with a viable plan and marketing strategy to put your site on the map in 2013. Details about methods you can use to increase traffic to your website are below.

Keyword Kingdom

Do research on basic keywords. You can use free tools like Google AdWords Keyword Tool. Look for keywords that are associated with your industry, and that generate thousands of local search queries each month. Make sure the keywords you list are not overly competitive. Your keywords should represent your brand without shouting about it. Take a careful look over your marketing techniques in regards to keywords.

Sharing is Caring

Engage in social sharing by providing regular links back to your website. Another good idea is to empower your website visitors to help you in your social sharing. You can do this with social share buttons on all of the pages of your website. Social sharing builds social media buzz for your brand, and it sets social media cues to make your website highly visible in the search engines.

Better Blogging

Blogging is an extremely important part of any modern website. A few clicks are all it takes to post updates in real-time, all around the world. You can create a steady stream of content that presents something new and exciting with every visit. Professionals who are at all experience levels, are able to blog and put a personal face on their organization. Blogging also is a good technique for shining the spotlight on staff members when the time arises.

Graphic Wonders

If you want to increase traffic to your website, consider hiring a design or graphic consultant. When your information is presented in an interesting and well organized way, your brand will be easier to understand and more accessible to important clients. Graphic companies can also offer an animated, interactive and translated infographic world to explore on your home page.

Utilize the current best SEO practices which emphasize looking natural, to let the search engines know where they should list your site in the natural search results. High rankings will result in plenty of new visitors and potential loyal clients. You can interview experts within your industry in order to increase website traffic. Browsers love hearing from experts, so it would be great if you could snag an interview and publish it online. You will most likely see a surge of traffic from the experts existing audience. Skype interviews are cheap and can be recorded and outputted as side-by-side videos that can be embedded in your website. The benefits of these interviews are they are educational, they allow you to engage with other leaders in your industry, and they give site visitors information about your products and services.

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