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September 2nd, 2013
The Edge of Blog Advertising


By:  Itai Arbel, BlitzCorner

When brands and ad agencies are setting off on a new online advertising campaign, there are many decisions to be made. The right creative needs to be birthed, the type of ad and media chosen, and then there is the placement and host website/s.
While most companies with substantial means would opt for advertising on mainstream sites, there is an argument to be made for advertising on niche blogs.

Blogs and Blog Followers

For a lot of people a blog is a work of a single individual who writes an entry or two each week during his or her spear time. But, blogs have evolved significantly and the lines between website and blogs are becoming very blurred. Some blogs employ a full time staff and their traffic intakes compete with mainstream media sites.

A site that is part of a major media outlet which also owns television channels and/or major newspapers would not be considered a blog. A site that started out independently, and has developed into a major player on the web can be considered a blog, despite the size and volume it has achieved.

A unique characteristic of blogs can be found in their readership. Your average Joe Internet user would opt to go to a site he is familiar with from other fields, such as the site associated with his favorite television channel or with the newspaper he used to read with his morning cup of coffee. Loyal blogs followers are different. They would have to have encountered the blog specifically in the Internet sphere. They might have encountered it originally searching for a specific event or headline, or just digging up sites that address their interest/s. Either way, what this teaches us is that blog readers are inquisitive. They do their research and they are enthusiastic, they look for coverage that provides an alternative to what every other media outlet will provide.

What This Means For Brands and Advertisers 

When advertising your product on blogs, you are reaching a targeted group with a common interest and, more often than not, of a specific demographic. You are also reaching a crowd that is open to trying new things and is not shutdown to unfamiliar territories. This is the optimal setting for new products wanting to build up their brand and for existing brands looking to reach new demographics.

BlitzCorner ad network allows advertisers to capitalize on the advantages blog advertising presents. It is a network of independent sports blogs, all with their own loyal fan base. Brands advertising with BlitzCorner reach the coveted male 18-44 demographic which exemplifies the special characteristics of blog readers to the fullest.

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