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By: Jake Emen, Lead to Conversion

Google+ has grown from a novelty into a force to be reckoned with. Perhaps in the past, your business didn’t truly need to be on Google+. Today though, that’s not the case, and making sure your business is capitalizing on Google+ really needs to be an essential component of your online strategy. Use the following 5 tips to begin making the most of Google+.

  1. Make Sure You’re Up to Date—Google’s various products have continued to evolve, and in some cases merge with one another, or disappear altogether. That’s why it’s essential to make sure you’re up to date, and that your account is properly set up and verified with Google+. Assuming that your old account has properly migrated over and is currently working as it should is a mistake. So, you’ll need to get in there and manually get your Google+ listing set up as it should be. Be sure to follow all the steps to fully confirm and verify your account and your business contact information.
  2. Optimize & Target—Your Google+ listing can be a great tool to improve your website’s presence, but it’s also essential to make sure that the listing itself is properly optimized and targeted. Beyond selecting the correct industries and/or categories for your business, be sure to create an engaging, optimized profile. Write unique content, be descriptive about yourself and the business, and incorporate your most important keywords and phrases. You can even add extra links within your profile back to your main site. Fill out all fields, use as much detail as possible, and create an accurate, complete, and carefully refined listing for yourself which will get you found in the search engines, on Google Maps, and within Google+ itself.
  3. Connect Your Website—Just because you have a Google+ listing, it doesn’t mean that it’s properly integrated with your website. You want it to be completely connected so that you can take full advantage of the different services and functions that Google offers. Your website will need to link back to your Google+ listing and vice-versa, and you may also want to consider adding badges, +1 buttons, or follow buttons. This will make it easier to share your content, and to help boost your entire presence not only within Google+, but within Google’s actual search engine results pages as well.
  4. Multimedia—Google is geared towards multimedia utilization and sharing, and they may show a bit of internal favoritism towards accounts, and individual posts, with photos, videos, and other dynamic multimedia. You need more than a link back to a website, and more than a quick line of text or two. Create photo galleries, share Gifs, post videos, and more, to make your content more visible.
  5. Build Community, Encourage Participation—Encourage your users, your clients and everyone else to be a part of your community. Ask questions, spark conversations, share ideas. Communicate and interact with those who follow you. Hold contests, promotions and online events, or even Google Hangouts. Do anything it takes to get real participation out of your user base and your website’s visitors. Ask satisfied customers and clients to write positive reviews of your business on Google+. Try to have visitors who find your website’s articles or information useful in one way or another +1 that content, and share it.

There are many different ways to make the most out of Google+, and when properly done, it can be a powerful tool in the quest to increase your business’s online success.

Jake Emen contributed this article on behalf of Lead to Conversion, an innovative online marketing leader, putting together comprehensive and integrated SEO and social media solutions for businesses across the country.

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