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By: Stacy Carter

LinkedIn just recently launched its sponsored post feature that will further strengthen the social media value of their site. The sponsored posts will roll out to release LinkedIn posts and updates through its LinkedIn new feeds, allowing others who are not following your profile to know about your latest announcements and post updates. It is believed to lure more social companies to generate revenues in advertising using the LinkedIn platform. LinkedIn executives believe that companies can leverage this new sponsored post feature on the site to obtain a higher advertising engagement to their target markets.

Sponsored Posts—Not The Traditional LinkedIn Advertising Platform

It’s true that LinkedIn already has its own advertising tools and platforms that users can use to promote their profiles and business, but the sponsored updates take a different path from these traditional advertising tools on LinkedIn. Instead of taking your advertisement posts and messages along the sidelines, the sponsored posts will highlight your latest updates and announcements directly through its news feed and will dominantly appear on your homepage for other LinkedIn users to view. The traditional ad platform displays your advertisement at the right side bar of your profile which is not visible for others to see unless you scroll down the page.

Features Too Great To Ignore

The new sponsored posts on LinkedIn offer more advertising leverage for your business. It has an advertising target ability that allows LinkedIn viewers to find your sponsored updates by geography, category (such as industry and company size), job level, and other criteria that provides for a more accurate leads and search results. It likewise promotes a native form of advertising without obstructing other post updates with the user having the ability to test the message and content prior to launching its advertising campaign. The new LinkedIn sponsored posts also offer analytic tools that provide a real-time report to help the user enhance their marketing campaign and strategies when promoting through the site.

Advertising Rates Apply—Is It Worth It?

If you want to leverage this latest advertising feature on Linkedin, it comes with a fee. However, the actual pricing for the sponsored post service remains undefined, but the ad pricing will most likely be based on both CPC and CPM rates. LinkedIn has not made an official announcement about its advertising rate. A sign up process is required if you are interested in using this latest advertising feature on the site. Advertising of this kind is deemed to have a significant positive impact on businesses. The use of content management and marketing has become a focused area in the field of social networking and advertising. Promoted content is likely to boost a company’s overall authority in their industry which in turn positively improves its market growth and sales. Using the new LinkedIn sponsored posts will give advertisers a better opportunity to reach a wider and demographically targeted market to advertise their products and services in the social media environment.

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